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Ezlogz is more than just an electronic logbook app

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Ezlogz is a stress-free easy to use app, which combines features to make your life easy.

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Building the Future of logistics one day at a time, with drivers in mind.

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Ezlogz offers the easiest front & backend software. The only app that offers multi languages, to help bilingual drivers adapt quicker.

Points of Interest

With our point of interest you can always be aware of your surroundings, find locations on the pin point maps. Pre plan your trip with the Ezlogz calculator.


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Unique features of our ELD App

The Ezlogz app also comes packed with a number of additional unique tools for truckers which go way beyond the communication spectrum, such as Point of Interest Maps (POI), an intuitive map that will pinpoint relevant locations for the truck driver such as fuel stops, rest stops, weigh stations, amongst other important points of interest. By the end of 2018, Ezlogz has implemented and launched first of its kind advanced truck navigation facilities for trucks that are following a specific route.

“We are happy to present you with the first of its kinds Social all in one platform connecting the logistics industry, and beyond”


Ezlogz is the ultimate all-in-one fleet management solution

Currently matched by no other competitor in the market. Try it today, and find out why we are the leading FMCSA approved ELD provider worldwide!

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