• Why do I have to get an ELD electronic logging device?

    On December 18, 2017, the new rule of The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regarding the mandatory use of an electronic logging device (ELD) is coming into force. In order to meet the requirements of the ELD rule drivers have to use ELD to record the hours of service (HOS) automatically. You can find detailed information on the final rule on the FMCSA Website.
  • Do I have to install the ELD before trying the application?

    No, you can download the FREE Ezlogz app and use all the features available except the ELD.You can easily create an account and add your fleet members. They will manually fill in their hours of service, leave comments and receive notifications. This way you will be able to see how they adapt to the app, record the logs and comply with DVIRs.
    Once your fleet adapts to the Free Ezlogz app, and the many features it offers, you can then chose to upgrade to ELD at your own time.
  • What if several drivers drive one truck? Do I get a device for a vehicle or a driver?

    The responsibility to fill in the hours of service falls upon the driver. The installed ELD will work on any truck and record all necessary data needed to comply with the ELD rule.
  • Is ELD compatible with all types of vehicles?

    Yes, it can be connected to any vehicle that has a diagnostic port with a 6-pin 9 and 16 or 9-pin connector.
  • Will Ezlogz app help me handle DVIRs?

    Yes, the application can save DVIRs data entered by the driver and a fleet admin will be able to see them on the homepage.
  • Will app keep track of IFTA?

    Yes, with Ezlogz application you will be able to track how many miles a driver drove in each state and also receive their fuel receipt data.
  • Will ELD be able to pick up any fault codes?

    Yes, the device will be able to catch on any error codes shown by the truck and notify you about what caused it.
  • Do I buy the ELD or lease it?

    With Ezlogz you do not need to purchase the ELD devices. We offer a leased device that is included into the low monthly service fee of $29.99 a month/ per unit.
  • Does ELD come with a warranty?

    Yes, the Ezlogz device comes with is a 1-year warranty. In case it breaks or gets out of order you can send it back to us, and we will get you a new ELD within a 7 day window FMCSA provides to fix problems and If it breaks or stops working send it in and we will get you a new device within the 7 day window the FMCSA gives you to correct the problem and pick up a new device.
  • Can device comply with Canadian regulations?

    Yes, the Ezlogz app is suitable to answer the Canada's HOS regulations.
  • Is device compatible with ODB-II port?

    Yes, Ezlogz ELD works perfectly with ODB-II ports and will suit the needs of drivers that haul hot shots.


  • Do I have to input my CDL data?

    As stated in the FMCSA mandate CDL Requirements, all producers of electronic logging devices have to ask for driver's CDL data to identify user and stop them from having several accounts. .
  • How does the device decide what duty status to show?

    The device records when the truck sets in motion and when it stops. The device will use only the status "Driving", all other status changes have to be made manually by the driver.
  • What if I have made a mistake in my log? Can I edit it?

    Yes, you can edit your logs as much as you need.
  • Does Ezlogz support driving teams?

    Yes, with Ezlogz app several or more drivers can access the app while one is behind the wheel. When in motion, the driver's account locks for safety purposes. In case the driving time was logged to someone else, the team members can reassign the drive time to another user.
  • Does the device save records about my speed?

    No, the ELD does not record the speed of the vehicle. Speed information is used only to change the status to "Driving". The device does not record any additional data about speed.
  • Can I unplug the device in case I have to use a diagnostic port for maintenance?

    Yes, you can unplug the device without being afraid of losing your data. It will not affect the ELD or information saved on it.
    Just plug the device back once the maintenance is over.
  • How do I upload the latest version of the Ezlogz app?

    As a rule, your smartphone is pre-set to update all installed applications automatically, so you will always have access to the latest version. In case you have switched to manual updating, follow the instruction below to get the newest version.
    - For Apple devices:
    Go to "App Store" and choose "Updates". Tap on the "Update" button near the Ezlogz app and wait for it to update.
    - For Android devices:
    Go to "Google Play Market" and tap on the Ezlogz app to update it.
  • What is the oldest log that I can edit?

    The application allows viewing and editing logs made on the day plus the last 14seven days. However, the cloud saves 6 month of your activity logs as required by the FMCSA.
  • In case I am not the admin of the group, and there is a mistake in my log, can I edit it?

    Sure, you can suggest an edit for your log, and then your suggestions will be reviewed and taken care of.
  • Why instead of showing my exact location, the app shows "N Miles to X City"?

    The FMCSA mandate does not require the physical location of the drives and instructs ELD producers to show this information in a way that would not harm driver's privacy.
  • Can I get an account without an email?

    No. We need to have an email to extract the information on logs and other documents, change or reset password and be notified about changes in the app.
  • What if I am pulled over for a roadside inspection?

    Tap on the menu button on the app and choose "Inspection mode". All of the data needed for the inspector will be displayed on the screen.

Roadside Inspection

  • What if inspector asks to copy my logs?

    Currently you can email the logs to the inspector.It is not possible to send the encrypted data, as the FMCSA continues to work on arranging emails and data delivery services.
  • How can I prevent DOT from seeing my text, phone records, and other personal information?

    You can lock the screen in the app area so the DOT will not be able to see any private information. Once the inspection is finished just unlock the screen by entering the pass you pre-set in advance.


  • What connector do I need to install the ELD?

    ELD is a versatile device that can be plugged into the diagnostic port of the most trucks.
  • Does the ELD have a memory card?

    Yes the Ezlogz device has a 32mb internal flash to record unassigned driving time.