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Social Platform

First of its kind revolutionary social platform connecting the logistics industry.

  • Create your own community page
  • Posts
  • Stay connected to friends and family
  • Groups
  • Connect with the logistics industry
  • Chat
  • Follow and or create favorite pages
  • CB Radio
  • Share videos and pictures
  • Livestream
  • News feeds
  • Storys
  • Buy, Sell, Trade
  • In fleet msg
  • Creat your own profile


Start using ELD with a click of a button when you ready. Ezlogz offers the easiest front & backend software. The only app that offers multi languages, to help bilingual drivers adapt quicker. Change your duty status with a click of a button, and form and manner errors. Attach BOLs and diesel receipts to your current or past Logbook.

  • One low monthly fee
  • HOS Recap calculation
  • No Extra charges for the ELD unit
  • Share logs via email +
  • No annul contracts
  • Driver alerts
  • IFTA calculation
  • Self-install in seconds
  • Automatic offline mode
  • One low monthly fee
  • Violation alerts
  • Driver friendly
  • Set your own cycle and time zone
  • Trip planner
  • Officer Inspection mode
  • Diagnostics
  • Document scan, attach BOL
  • Driver behavior

Trip Planner

Pre-plan your trip ahead, and drive stress free with the easy logs trip planner. By entering your origin and destination, the easy logs trip planner will calculate your time of arrival in consideration to your logbook hours, rest breaks, speed limit, and fuel stops

  • Arrive on time
  • Plan your trip ahead
  • Stay safe & compliant
  • Save time and money planning ahead
  • GPS Tracking & Geofencing
  • Live location tracking for trucks
  • Update locations history offline mode if connection is lost

Easy to use map with pin point locations

Easy to use in map, pin point locations

  • Weigh Stations - (auto calculate open closed)
  • Truck wash
  • Trip planner maps & History
  • Truck dealers
  • Available parking
  • Traffic
  • Crossdocks / Warehouses
  • Maps
  • Mechanic shops
  • Weather
  • Fuel stops
  • Trucks stops
  • Diesel prices

Documents Scan & Email

Keep all your documents organized. Transmit any document in seconds, by simply taking a picture of the document on your mobile device, then attaching the document to one of the following files and or statuses.

  • Accident Photo
  • Lumper
  • Bill of Lading
  • Scale Ticket
  • Citation
  • Annual Inspection Report
  • Fuel Receipt
  • Registration
  • Insurance card
  • Repair Ticket

Share documents via Email, and or other in phone apps that allow sharing.

Keep trucking with Ezlogz, the first tamper-free ELD with secure and immutable data on DApp (decentralized network).

Be one of the first to experience the all-in-one Logistics platform on blockchain technology, offering various in-app features by revolutionizing the future of logistics, one day at a time.

The Ezlogz platform is FREE to all basic users. Update to ELD whenever you're ready.

No annual contract! Only $29.99/month per unit. Leased ELD device is included in the above price.

No upfront hardware cost

Multilingual ELD 2 Free months of service
(device included)
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- front and backend ELD software
- The best all in one fleet management software on the market

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