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Ezlogz is a lot more than just an electronic logbook app

It is unique in the sense that it is not only focused on electronic logging devices such as other existing ELD apps on the market, but also provides a wide range of social tools to enable effective communication between truck drivers, their friends and family, colleagues and logistics companies.

The Trucker Trip Planner

Will calculate the estimated time of arrival, taking in consideration the truck driverĀ“s hours of service (HOS) and environmental factors, such as the weather and current traffic. This advanced trip planner also provides key information about several aspects of the trip, which will help you in making informed decisions that will ultimately enhance your comfort, safety, and improve key aspects of life on the road.

Point of Interest Maps

The Ezlogz app also comes packed with a number of additional unique tools for truckers which go way beyond the communication spectrum, such as Point of Interest Maps (POI), an intuitive map that will pinpoint relevant locations for the truck driver such as fuel stops, rest stops, weigh stations, amongst other important points of interest. By the end of 2018, Ezlogz has implemented and launched first of its kind advanced truck navigation facilities for trucks that are following a specific route. Read More >>

Electronic Logbook app

Another handy feature of our electronic logbook app is the Document Center, which provides an easy way for truck drivers to keep all their relevant papers sorted and organized within the app. It allows drivers to snap a picture of their documents, which can then be safely stored in the cloud, once they are uploaded to the ELD. These files can then be viewed by the admin, safety director, or any other person in the back-end office.

Ezlogz speaks your language


Ezlogz is a global logistics platform, meaning it is designed to cater for truck drivers across the world, who speak different languages. It is the only solution currently available on the market offering multi-language support, helping truck drivers to unleash the full power of the app by using it in their own native language.

Ezlogz is the ultimate all-in-one fleet management solution

Currently matched by no other competitor in the market. Try it today, and find out why we are the leading FMCSA compliant ELD provider!

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