Ezlogz Trip Planning feature
A travel plan is a package of actions designed and an individual or organization to encourage safe, healthy, and sustainable options. Every travel plan is different, but most successful plans follow a structured process. Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. With the ELD mandate, gone are the days of driving until you’re tired and then trying to find a place to stop and rest. Successful truck driving will now require master trip planning, and Ezlogz is here to help!
Ezlogz Trip Planning feature
There are many things to consider when planning your trip:
Ezlogz will calculate the estimated time of arrival, taking in consideration the truck driver’s hours of service (HOS) and environmental factors, such as the weather and current traffic. This advanced trip planner also provides key information about several aspects of the trip, which will help you in making informed decisions that will ultimately enhance your comfort, safety, and improve key aspects of life on the road.
In order to reduce the amount of stress in professional truck driving, consider some of these before making your trip:
  • What will my trip cost?
  • Will the weather or traffic effect my driving time?
  • What truck stops are on the way and what are the amenities?
  • Am I optimizing my Hours of Service that’s available?

The cost of the trip is important to owner/operators and admin when it comes to trip planning. Making sure the drivers have enough HOS to reach the destination on time and preparing for fuel costs are vital. Not having enough fuel or over fueling can cause unnecessary delays. Taking the wrong route or an ineffective route due to road changes or construction add to the cost of your trip. Choose an ELD provider that takes these in to consideration and provides a trip estimate that includes fuel and tolls.

Avoid constantly refreshing maps to see weather or traffic updates. Ez Navigation will let you know in real time when conditions will affect your driving plan and assist with making the necessary trip plan adjustments. Don’t forget to factor in fueling, bathroom breaks, border crossing, and weigh station delays when calculating how much time your trip will take.

Adding stops to your trip will ensure you have a safe place to rest, eat, shower, or any other on road necessary truck stop amenities you are looking for, are available. We encourage driver safety when stopping, and our point of interest mapping brings these concerns to rest. Live location tracking ensures admins that their drivers are safe and are staying on the right track.

While on your trip, Ezlogz alerts drivers and admins of potential hours of service violations.

Our Ez Navigation works hand in hand within the app to avoid such violations by taking all of the above concerns into consideration.

Ezlogz Trip Planning feature
We’ve added even more features for convenience, organization, and safety. Drivers and Safety/Admin will experience seamless truck driver trip planning with Ezlogz.
GPS and Geofencing
Update location history in offline
mode if the connection is lost
Points of Interest Map

Logistics is one of the industries that benefits most from geofencing, as it deals with a range of different location scales. For instance, you may need to find a single item in a warehouse—very detailed scale—or you may need to know when a truck enters Canada—very broad scale. Our live GPS maps shows where all trucks are located, and our geofencing feature allows administrators to be updated if a truck enters or exits and area. This is key to collecting data for future truck trip planning and automating logistics. For example, if drivers frequent a destination, the geofence can be enlarged instead of using specific coordinates.

On both iOS and Android phones, Ez Navigation mapping has the ability to track your location without needing an internet connection. Make sure you are connected when starting the navigation for the trip, but if you lose connection during your journey there is no need to worry, you will not lose your Ez Navigation.

Knowing important points of interest during your trip goes beyond gas stations and truck stops. Knowing where you can fuel up and rest along the way is important, but what about other services? Our point of interest mapping is an intuitive map that will pinpoint relevant pinpoint locations for the truck driver such as weigh stations and repair shops. Our Points of Interests mapping also interacts with Ez navigation in ELD mode by suggesting breaks, and locations to take your breaks to keep drivers from violating.

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