When Trucks Stop, America Stops
According to an article prepared by the American Trucking Association, America would feel detrimental effects by 4 weeks and experience food and fuel shortages in as little as one day. Because the U.S relies on timely delivery of products to ensure economic stability, it is important to know the importance of the industry when implementing products that can affect daily or even hourly operation results of driving Commercial Motor Vehicles.
The importance of Truck Navigation
Most of the aspects of everyday life are only possible because of the hard work of truck drivers helping companies deliver goods and helping people get the things they need. Trained truck drivers are important for the trucking industry to run smoothly and efficiently. Utilizing truck map apps with precise trip planning is imperative for successful trips. According to the American Trucking Association, trucks move roughly 71.4% of the nation's freight by weight.
In order to keep the industry moving smoothly for business owners, driver’s, and consumers, we rely on accurate navigation. Navigation apps need to do more than give direction in order to be effective. Detailed mapping, connectivity, and approved roadways are all important features your navigation system should offer.
What tips is FMCSA providing regarding safe use of GPS navigation systems?
  • Select an electronic navigation system intended for use by truck and bus drivers.
  • Before drivers begin their trip, they should type in all relevant information about their vehicles so the system can provide the appropriate route.
  • Follow the route recommended by the navigation system, but ALWAYS obey traffic signs and advisories (such as low bridge overpasses, axle weight limits, detour signs, variable message signs, etc.)
  • Do not engage in distracted driving! Avoid typing or entering addresses or information into the navigation system while driving.
  • If your navigation system does not provide automatic updates of the maps, be sure to obtain updates to ensure you are following the most current route planning information.

Is the Ez Navigation designed for truckers rather than a non-commercial motor vehicle? Yes! Ez Navigation will take into consideration road restrictions and prevent trucks from getting stuck on roads or bridges due to height or weight restrictions. The use of a car GPS for navigation by commercial vehicle drivers can be dangerous. Truck drivers following car GPS instructions can be inadvertently directed onto parkways that prohibit trucks. Often these parkways are crossed by bridges lower than an average truck box height. Research conducted by the University Transportation Research Center at the City College of New York, shows that bridges in New York State have been experiencing approximately 200 strikes annually by over-height trucks.

Pro tip: Road conditions and status can change. It is important to note that no matter what form of GPS a commercial vehicle driver uses, he or she should pay attention to local signage. Local postings provide the most up-to-date guidelines.

Choose Ezlogz Navigation
Ez Navigation calculates the estimated time of arrival, taking in consideration the truck driver’s hours of service (HOS) available. You choose when you are alerted for breaks, and the app will automatically make suggested stops on your way in ELD mode. Reach destinations on time with real time traffic and weather updates. The truck route maps maximize per mile income and minimizes unnecessary time on the road.
Here’s a breakdown of important truck navigation features we offer:
  • Point of interest maps
  • HOS alerts for compliance and safety
  • Traffic and weather updates.
  • Accurate trip planning resulting in increased productivity
  • Quality offline maps
  • Custom navigation routes
  • Reduced Fuel costs
  • Live GPS and Geofencing
This advanced trip planner also provides key information about several aspects of the trip, which will help you in making informed decisions that will ultimately enhance your comfort, safety, and improve key aspects of life on the road.

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