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Ezlogz is the ultimate all-in-one solution

Packed with state-of-the-art features to make every truck driver´s life on the road as easy as it can be. It will be with you along every step of the way, helping you to plan your journey, navigate, stay in touch with other truck drivers, family and friends, store and retrieve important documents instantly, and a lot more. Check out our full list of features to find out why Ezlogz is much more than just another electronic logbook app.

Trucker Trip Planner

Our advanced built-in Trucker Trip Planner will help you to save time, money and resources, making your trip a lot more predictable and smarter, whilst helping you to stay safe and compliant.
By calculating in real-time your estimated time of arrival and by taking into consideration several aspects of the journey, such as current traffic conditions along the route, the truck driver´s hours of service, rest breaks, speed limits, and the current weather conditions, you will always know precisely when you will arrive at your destination.

Ezlogz is more than just an ELD solution

Ezlogz is designed from the ground up with the truck driver in mind: it provides many features to make your life on the road much easier, smarter, intuitive and more pleasant.

Key features are:

  • Trip Planning to save time and money
  • Driver Behavior, to enhance driver scores
  • Inspections Mode
  • In-fleet Messaging to better and more easily communicate between truckers

How much does our ELD cost, and how is it implemented?

Our ELD cost is highly competitive – it offers the best value on the market.

Ezlogz is an FMCSA compliant ELD provider

Tried and tested by thousands of satisfied customers across the globe. It is the smallest, smartest and easiest to install solution currently available on the market, unmatched by the competition and packed with an intuitive user interface that will let you quickly set up and get it running in no time.

$29.99 a month / per unit

Year month

ELD mandate compliance, plus much more to manage your fleet

  • Fleet Management Portal
  • Document Center
  • IFTA Calculation
  • GPS/Geofencing
  • Multilingual
  • Truck GPS Navigation
  • Diagnostics
  • POI
  • In fleet messenger

Ezlogz smart dashboard camera with incident recording and live stream

  • Built-in incident recording and telematics data
  • High Definition 1080p video and audio recording
  • Live GPS location tracking
  • LTE/WIFI connectivity: real-time live streaming
  • Cellular connectivity via LTE for real-time footage and on-demand remote video access
  • Unsafe driver behavior identification
  • Distracted driving
  • Alarm I/O triggers for recording incidents
  • Triaxial accelerometer
  • Optional dual facing/2nd camera can be connected to the main unit to record footage from the driver and the vehicle’s interior
  • Google maps integration for live route tracking
  • Connects directly to vehicle ignition for power
  • Tamper-resistant design

How does our ELD device work and how is the integration with the vehicle?

The Ezlogz ELD device plugs into the OBD port and is synchronized with the vehicle engine. Ezlogz application allows drivers to view and interact with their logs via Smartphone/Ipad, or Tablet. Drivers cannot edit driving time as engine Data and maneuvers are automatically recorded.

Ezlogz Features

Ezlogz offers the most valuable features available in today`s market

Ezlogz speaks your language


Ezlogz is a global logistics platform, meaning it is designed to cater for truck drivers across the world, who speak different languages. It is the only solution currently available on the market offering multi-language support, helping truck drivers to unleash the full power of the app by using it in their own native language.

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Ezlogz in-app Features

Ezlogz is a stress-free, easy-to-use app that combines essential features to make your life easy.

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