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We embody revolutionary solutions in transportation and logistics, striving to simplify life

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Sergey “CJ” Karman

Founder Ezlogz

Simplicity is our path to success, so we have created a multifunctional ecosystem embodying 'easy life.' EZLOGZ provides confidence and tranquility, helping our partners maximize their revenue

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Our smart safety platforms provide real-time data, facilitating prompt decision making and responses during emergencies
or hazardous situations
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EZLOGZ: ALL-IN-ONE Fleet Management, ELD & Asset Tracking Solution

In the dynamic transportation-and-logistics-and-logistics landscape, EZLOGZ stands out. We, as a company has rooted our position in fleet management, ELD and asset monitoring. With a name that suggests, EZLOGZ is deeply focused on electronic logbooks or elogs, ensuring each entry is both precise and clear. EZLOGZ s spectrum is: offerings spans from the advanced Ezlogz app, designed for an intuitive experience for both drivers and fleet overseers, to unique hardware that seamlessly integrates with mobile, desktop, and online interfaces. Numerous businesses have recognized and experienced the advantages of partnering with EZLOGZ, witnessing measurable enhancement in their routine processes.

One of ours defining aspects is its proactive collaboration with governmental bodies. Ensuring its products meet the most recent safety and quality guidelines, the company allows users to maintain compliance effortlessly.


ELD Instruments By EZLOGZ

For transport operators, trustworthy and user-centric tools are essential. EZLOGZ s ELD devices fit the bill. Crafted with user experience in focus, these instruments facilitate immediate data exchange between the eld device and any aed phone, desktop, or online platform.

Leveraging both the EZLOGZ ELD device and the connected eld app, drivers can swiftly modify their logs, while fleet administrators can oversee compliance in real-time. Quick data exchange ensures everyone remains informed, minimizing chances of misinterpretation and breaches.


EZLOGZ s Dashcam For Trucks

In the realm of transportation-and-logistics-and-logistics, safety and accountability reign supreme. The ezlogz dash cams for trucks offers more than mere video capture. This gadget boasts smart functionalities that relay insights on driving patterns, possible risks, and real-time event alerts.

Flawlessly integrating with the company s primary software, the dashcam for trucks delivers an exhaustive overview of every journey. From documenting incidents to forwarding preventive safety notifications, this equipment acts as a crucial ally, fostering safer, optimized driving.


Fleet Management By EZLOGZ

Tapping into the capabilities of EZLOGZ s fleet management tools can elevate a business. By incorporating fleet management gps systems, owners can gain a:
1. Comprehensive perspective of their assets;
2. Ensuring ideal distribution and use. Utilizing the EZLOGZ platform helps avert issues like unauthorized vehicular activity, fuel misappropriation, and suboptimal routing.

Moreover, amalgamation within the eld fleet management framework bolsters transparency and accountability. Each action and pause gets registered, ensuring absolute accuracy. The outcome? Fleet tasks remain compliant and witness a surge in efficiency and economy.


Truck GPS Systems By EZLOGZ

EZLOGZ s GPS offerings embody dependability and precision. Fused with a live-tracking mechanism, it empowers fleet proprietors to pinpoint their vehicle s exact whereabouts incessantly. The EZLOGZ gps tracking doesn t just locate but also crafts efficient pathways and offers real-time updates, securing punctual consignments and judicious fuel usage.

Merging truck gps tracking with the foundational app enables fleet proprietors and supervisors to retrieve operational specifics whenever required. This holistic strategy ensures businesses always function at their zenith.


Truck Smart Load Board By EZLOGZ

In the bustling transportation-and-logistics-and-logistics arena, managing multifaceted tasks can be overwhelming. EZLOGZ s truck smart load board delivers an integrated management space that connects all components and refreshes in real-time. The fusion of driver tracker load board with the innovative truck load board revolutionizes processes.

Diverging from conventional communication and monitoring techniques that often work in isolation, EZLOGZ s cohesive method amplifies decision quality and uplifts the fleet s overall responsiveness. In this digital age, EZLOGZ shines as a guiding light for the transportation-and-logistics-and-logistics


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