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EZLOGZ's innovative technical solutions for truck tracking – GPS tracking system and FMCSA-registered ELD allow you to manage assets efficiently, reduce costs and have better fleet performance.

A new feature for free – load board: thousands of load opportunities from the largest freight broker companies, freight for all types of equipment. Book the best loads, choose the highest paying jobs on the load board, keep your trucks full, and earn more.

An all-in-one fleet management, ELD & asset tracking solution from EZLOGZ is designed to cover all your fleet management needs. Reach your business goals with EZLOGZ!


Join EZLOGZ to experience the premium service 24/7 in five languages as thousands of our satisfied clients: small to large fleets, owner-operators, and drivers.

electronic logbook

EZLOGZ is your reliable partner on the road!

FMCSA-approved electronic logging device (ELD) with improved GPS performance, instant Internet connection, and data recovery is easy to install.
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GPS asset tracking system with extraordinary battery life, live alerts, weather-proof & ultra-rugged casing for intensified durability, smart sleep mode.
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Computer vision & AI dashcam for trucks from EZLOGZ recognizes unexpected acceleration, harsh braking, and sharp turns for truck drivers' safety.
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Load Board
A free load board and truck driver management platform provides in-app access to quality loads from leading and largest freight brokerages.
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Over 150,000+ downloads of EZLOGZ ELD app

ALL-IN-ONE Fleet Management, ELD & Asset Tracking Solution
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Electronic logging device (ELD)

EZLOGZ ELD has unique and useful features that you haven't met before. Get automatic updates, instant data recovery, and a SIM card in one device. It also has such an option as data transmission from the ELD device to the EZLOGZ cloud server that allows keeping the full raw data there.

Apart from the main features, the ELD app has advantages such as upgraded IFTA reports, electronic DVIR, truck navigation, violation alerts, weather outlook, multi-language 24/7 support, etc. As a result, many truck drivers have already experienced the benefits of an easy-to-use EZLOGZ ELD app.

eld device
FMCSA compliance
Upgraded IFTA reports
No additional payments
Violation alerts
Electronic DVIR
No renting fees
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Ez-GPS is an asset tracking system with an intuitive feature that enables you to track anything, anywhere. This highly durable and reliable GPS provides exceptional navigation, intelligent truck routing, and more innovative driver assist features.

Ez-GPS features include sleep mode option for power conservation, strong battery endurance that can withstand extreme temperature operation, battery level alerts and notifications, and a weather-proof ultra-rugged modern design.

Extraordinary battery life - up to 10 years or more
Improved global connectivity with a highly sensitive radio transceiver
Live alerts and notifications
Weather-proof and ultra-rugged casing for intensified durability
Intelligent truck routing for driver assistance
Smart sleep mode

Over 150,000+ downloads of EZLOGZ ELD app


EZLOGZ dashcam for trucks is a device packed with the latest technology to provide safety on the road. Fix risky or distracted driving instantly with audio feedback and alerts in real time. Get immediate access to live video, and set permissions for the data access and user control.

It is the smartest choice for truck drivers' safety management. You can focus on the good things and still capture what's essential. We get you home safely, back to your family.

Road-facing camera 1080P Full HD Video
Detect risky driving, smoking and fatigue
Recording unexpected acceleration, harsh braking, and sharp turns
140 adjustable wide-angle lens
24/7 access to storage backup
Instant management for risky driving

Load Board I EZLOADZ

EZLOADZ is a different, more effective way to source, negotiate, and haul loads. A free personalized load board for your business is designed specifically to help you quickly find and book the best loads. It learns your preferred lanes, rates, and types of freight you like to haul.

Then it notifies you when a matching load becomes available. Choose the highest paying jobs on the load board, save time by requesting a load ahead of time, keep your trucks full, and earn more with EZLOADZ!

Thousands of load opportunities available 24/7
Automated and suggested loads to reduce empty miles
Freight for all types of equipment: Reefer, Dry Van, Flatbed...
Free access for all EZLOGZ
Dedicated carrier and driver support in load board
Choose the highest
paying jobs
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The main goal of EZLOGZ is to create a long-term partnership with every client and FMCSA. We develop new products and improve those of our products that are well-known on the market. EZLOGZ ELD devices for trucks are the best solution for fleet management on the road. Order an EzSmart ELD device from EZLOGZ today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an electronic logbook (elog)?
An electronic logbook (ELD logbook) is a device that records the main events during fleet vehicle driving, for example,
hours of service (HOS). Previously, instead of an electronic logbook with elogs, these data were recorded manually.
You can buy an ELD to make it easier to follow FMCSA compliance, including hours of service data. Truck GPS tracking
will make it easier for trucking companies to avoid violations of vehicle safety.
How to use an electronic logbook (elog)?
Log into the truck driver's account on elog (ELD logbook) and select the vehicle. Truck drivers select or change their status in their electronic logbook, for example, "Driving", "Duty" or personal vehicle. Check all pending hours of service (driving hours) logs for fleet vehicle compliance. If asked, submit RODS (record of duty status) with driving time electronically at the roadside.
What is the best electronic logbook (elog) for truckers?
Electronic logbook EZLOGZ is a great elog for trucks. First, transferring tracking elogs from one transportation vehicle to another is relatively simple. Second, this is the best area for owner-operators of vehicles certified by FMCSA compliance. And therefore, the ELD logbook provides the truck driver with complete control over the occurrence of violations, in particular, the hours of service (HOS).
What does ELD stand for?
ELD logbook means an electronic logging device (electronic logbook with elogs) for recording hours of service by fleet truck drivers. It is a DOT-compliant electronic device plugged into the vehicle's engine to record driving hours. It includes a screen so that the vehicle driver can monitor the current status of the driving time and print the RODS when requested by DOT inspectors.
What is ELD compliance?
ELD logbook compliance means the proper use and installation of an electronic logbook (elog) for recording hours of service in the required vehicles. The following trucks are subject to the tracking and mandate: cars weighing 10,001 pounds and іnterstate means of transportation for driving, where truck drivers are currently required to keep records of service status (electronic logbooks with elogs of violations).
Which are the FMCSA approved ELDs?
The fleet's electronic logbook must meet US Department of Transportation compliance. However, it is important to understand that truck drivers of these vehicles must sign an elog (in the ELD logbook) regarding the use of RODS at the end of every twenty-four hours of registered working time (vehicles' hours of service and driving hours, driving time).
What are the FMCSA hours of service (HOS)?
Compliance notes that tracking is transferred to the ELD logbook with elogs that trucks can be on duty for up to 14 hours after 10 hours of free time, but they are limited to 11 hours of driving. Vehicle drivers must take a mandatory 30-minute break in driving before eight o'clock after arriving on duty. The 14-hour duty period cannot be extended by the time free from transportation for breaks, meals, fuel stops, etc. Electronic logbooks with elogs are very important for vehicles.
When do the hours of service (HOS) regulations apply?
On June 1, 2020, FMCSA revised four provisions of the hours of work regulations to provide greater flexibility for truck drivers without negatively impacting safety. From September 29, 2020, trucking companies must comply with the new hours of service (HOS) rules.
Requires a break of at least 30 consecutive minutes after 8 total hours of driving (instead of working hours) and allows the period of duty/absence behind the wheel of a vehicle to count as a required break using electronic logbooks with elogs.
Increase the driving window during adverse driving time conditions to 2 additional driving hours.
Amends the sleeper exception to allow a vehicle driver with an ELD logbook to meet the 10-hour minimum off-duty requirement.
Extends compliance exemptions for short hauls up to 150 air miles and allows for a 14-hour work shift as part of the exemption in the RODS.

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