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The quality of products, the safety of your customers, and profits depend on it. In the food and beverage industry, the business must follow specific standards during the production processes themselves and transportation. Tracking food and beverage transportation systems can improve working methods in this field. Just buy an ELD and use an electronic logbook (elog) for this.

FSMA requirements compliance

Truck GPS with ELD reduces the administrative burden of HOS management and meets FSMA requirements effortlessly.


Product quality assurance

Control dry-van and reefer environments with GPS delivery service and get real-time alerts when the temperature goes out of range.


Increase fleet protection

Get driving behavior alerts, train and educate drivers, reduce accidents, and efficiently increase your fleet’s safety.


Boost customers’ trust rate

Share the fleet’s truck arrival time and temperature logs, and notify customers about delays to increase the trust rate.

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What functions food and beverage tracking app should have

The truck GPS tracker cannot function without an appropriate food truck tracking app, where you can view various data, track the route, and use additional functions. Among the essential features that a food truck GPS must possess are the following:

Tracking location and delivery time

Even if all the established norms are observed, food and drinks are pretty perishable goods. Therefore, tracking the location of transport and delivery time is one of the mandatory functions of the best food truck tracking apps. With its help, you can correct the route in time, take possible measures if the truck is delayed on the way, and avoid traffic jams.

Temperature control

Due to special sensors, it is possible to monitor the conditions inside refrigerators. Each product must be transported at a specific temperature so that it does not deteriorate and harm consumers. An alert is sent to the food truck tracker app if the temperature goes out of range.

Reducing breakdowns and out-of-service time


Food truck fleet gps tracking shows how long the truck has traveled. The truck’s GPS time affects the technical condition of the vehicle. This way, you can understand when inspection or repairs must be conducted. It increases personnel safety and also ensures against losses.

Smart Safety

In times of urgency, our safety platforms shine by providing timely data for effective decision-making
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Food truck GPS tracking from EZLOGZ

In the dynamic world of transportation and logistics, ensuring efficient operations is pivotal. Food truck operators, in particular, are often met with unique challenges. Here's where the magic of food truck GPS tracking comes into play. When you hear the term "food truck gps tracking," it's more than just pinpointing the truck's location on a map. With EZLOGZ's advanced system, food truck operators are bestowed with an array of tools designed to enhance operational efficiency, provide real-time monitoring, and ensure timely deliveries. Such solutions aim to streamline the workflow for food truck businesses while ensuring customer satisfaction.

EZLOGZ provides the best food tracking app

While the name suggests its specialty in food tracking, it's pivotal to know that the EZLOGZ food tracking app is universal. This means, whether you own a fleet of food trucks, a delivery van, or a semi-truck, the device caters to all. What makes it even more versatile is its robust navigation system. With the food truck tracker app, drivers are provided with real-time traffic updates, optimal route suggestions, and nearby essential services, making the entire trip seamless and efficient.

GPS tracking for food trucks

Specific features, you ask? Well, EZLOGZ has got it covered. Beyond basic location tracking, this app brings a world of functionality to your fingertips. Some of the standout features include real-time fuel consumption monitoring, temperature checks for food storage areas, and predictive maintenance alerts. For food truck owners, these tracking apps offer insights into driver behavior, which can be pivotal for ensuring safety and minimizing operational costs. EZLOGZ clearly stands out with its meticulously crafted features tailored for the unique needs of food truck businesses

What functions should a food and beverage tracking app have?

In the vast sea of GPS services and apps, what makes a food truck tracker app genuinely shine? The answer lies in understanding the specific needs of the industry. A standout system like EZLOGZ offers gps food services that are more than just tracking. It offers comprehensive fleet management, real-time data analysis, and, importantly, a user-friendly interface. When comparing with competitors, the holistic approach and the continuous efforts in updating and upgrading their service make them a preferred choice for many in the business.


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