IFTA Reporting

IFTA is the International Fuel Tax Agreement. This agreement covers the ten
southern territories of Canada and the lower 48 states of the United States.
IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting
IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

IFTA is the International Fuel Tax Agreement. This agreement covers the ten southern territories of Canada and the lower 48 states of the United States. Now IFTA reporting is done on almost all eld devices.

Every quarter, to meet IFTA requirements, managers make a fleet tracking report and submit an IFTA report to the Tax Office to correctly pay fuel taxes because they are different in each state and territory.

IFTA Calculation and Reporting
IFTA Calculation and Reporting

IFTA reporting is a calculation of distances for three months in each state using eld devices. That is, which vehicle, in which state, and how many miles did it drive in the trucking process?

IFTA reporting software is required for the correct calculation of fuel tax. At the end of each quarter, the fleet owner submits a report to the state after processing fleet tracking.

Who needs an IFTA sticker?
Who needs an IFTA sticker?

Every CDL vehicle that makes trucking interstate and wants to pay fuel taxes correctly in the USA and Canada must renew its license yearly on the international fuel tax agreement website. How to get an IFTA sticker? First, you must complete an online application through the IFTA IPC online portal.

IFTA Reporting with EZLOGZ
IFTA Reporting with EZLOGZ

Fleet tracking greatly facilitates the once-difficult process of IFTA reporting. eld devices themselves calculate the necessary coefficients with the help of IFTA reporting software while you are engaged in trucking.

EZLOGZ eld devices with electronic logbooks maintain trailer gps tracking and help companies organize IFTA reporting. EZLOGZ makes an automatic calculation based on the current values for taxes.

To comply with IFTA requirements, the truck driver uploads all the data to our cloud.

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IFTA miles tracking

of each state with all details
(which truck, how many miles, when, etc.)


Report option

to generate for
a month or a quarter


Different filters

truck, state,
and fuel types;


Download report

in PDF or Excel from the
electronic logging device (ELD)

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IFTA Fuel Calculator

In the world of transportation, navigating the complexities of taxes and fuel use can be daunting. Here's where IFTA reporting comes into play. IFTA means 'International Fuel Tax Agreement,' and it's essentially a cooperative arrangement between U.S. states and Canadian provinces to simplify the reporting of fuel used by motor carriers that operate in more than one jurisdiction. Why is this important? It ensures a fair taxation system and prevents double taxation for trucking companies.

The IFTA calculator is a blessing for many. Dispatchers, fleet managers, and owner-operators can use this tool to plan their routes more efficiently. By inputting certain variables, the calculator gives an approximation of how much tax one would owe based on fuel consumption. This tool not only helps in saving money but also in determining the most cost-effective routes and fuel stops.


IFTA Tracker for drivers

With the advancement in technology, keeping tabs on your vehicle's fuel usage and tax obligations is more seamless than ever. IFTA tracking devices are perfect for all transportation types, from large trucks to smaller vans. These trackers, integrated with sophisticated navigation systems, keep accurate data of miles driven and fuel consumed across states or provinces.

IFTA tracker not only ensures accurate tax calculations but also helps drivers in maintaining logs, understanding their routes, and even in cases of vehicle recovery due to theft.


IFTA Tracking App

EZLOGZ's IFTA tracking app stands out among the competition. This dedicated app provides several unique features tailored for fleets. Not only does it serve as an IFTA calculator app, but it also offers real-time updates on fuel consumption, the best routes to take, and tax estimations.

Another commendable feature of the EZLOGZ IFTA app is its user-friendly interface and the ability to sync data across devices, ensuring drivers and dispatchers are always on the same page.


ELD With IFTA Reporting

The integration of Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) with IFTA reporting is a game-changer in the industry. When you combine ELD's accuracy in recording drive times with the ability to calculate IFTA tax, you get a system that's not just compliant but also immensely beneficial to businesses.

ELD with IFTA reporting offers a competitive edge. It reduces errors, ensures timely tax payments, and provides real-time insights that can be pivotal for fleet operations. In comparison to traditional systems, an ELD with IFTA reporting is efficient, transparent, and offers a high return on investment.


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