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Fleet tracking with EZLOGZ

EZLOGZ offers modern solutions to improve the transport conditions for people. The company's equipment can enhance the safety and comfort of passengers and drivers.

Bus tracking software and hardware are entirely FMCSA compliant.


Sync all the systems

Open APIs simplify the data sync process to sync data with existing systems for GIS, government fleet and asset management, etc.


Upgrade the drivers' capability

To increase the speed of citizen feedback for government fleet management, it's vital to have searchable trip histories. Verify that services are performed safely and efficiently. Just buy an ELD and use an electronic logbook for this.


Prevent and reduce downtime

Prevent breakdowns with instant alerts, live engine diagnostics, and usage-based maintenance schedules for government fleet management.

Main tasks

Promote safe driving
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Real-time fleet tracking
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Live ETA's to passengers
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GPS Bus Tracking for Navigation


With an improved navigation system, you can make your fleet tracking in real-time. If the vehicle is behind schedule, you know where the bus is delayed using the installed gps fleet tracking and passenger transport software.

Track the distance and current traffic jams to find out the approximate time of arrival. In the event of a problem, you can send prompt help. Besides tracking bus routes, you can send and receive notifications about the location of every asset.

Best Bus Tracking App from EZLOGZ

Discover new opportunities for your fleet management with the EZLOGZ bus tracking software solution. Passenger transport software contains many valuable features for the passenger transportation sphere and even for school buses.

With it, you can monitor all your fleet tracking data collected in one place. Use your smartphone to see vehicle locations, look through reports, communicate with drivers, and send notifications. EZLOGZ software is more than just a bus route tracking app. It makes fleet management more comfortable and more effective.

Smart Safety

Experience unparalleled safety management with our platforms that prioritize real-time data and rapid interventions
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Commonly asked questionsCommonly asked questions


GPS bus tracking for navigation and notifications

In today's dynamic world, the need for real-time information is paramount. Enter the bus tracking system, a cutting-edge solution designed specifically for fleet tracking in passenger transport. Aimed at revolutionizing the passenger transportation software market, this system facilitates seamless navigation and timely notifications for both drivers and passengers.For a bus fleet owner or manager, staying on top of every vehicle's movement is not just a convenience but a necessity. Traditional methods can be tedious and inaccurate. However, the advent of the bus tracking system has made the entire process of passenger transport a lot more transparent and efficient. This innovation ensures the punctual arrival of buses, reduces waiting times for passengers, and aids in effective route planning to avoid traffic congestions.

How does the passengers bus tracking system work?

The beauty of the passenger transport tracking system is its universality. Whether you're managing a small fleet of minibuses or a large contingent of inter-city coaches, this system is apt for all. At its core, the system uses GPS technology to track the real-time location of buses. This data, once gathered, is relayed to a central server which then displays the movement on passenger monitoring interfaces, such as mobile apps or websites. This gives passengers accurate information on bus arrivals, departures, and even possible delays.

Best bus tracking app from EZLOGZ

When discussing top-notch passenger transport software, the conversation is incomplete without mentioning EZLOGZ. Their state-of-the-art real-time bus tracking system is a game-changer for fleet managers and passengers alike. This application not only provides real-time location data but also comes loaded with features that make bus transport tracking a breeze. For fleet owners, this app offers route optimization suggestions, fuel consumption analytics, and even maintenance alerts. Passengers, on the other hand, benefit from features like live ETA updates, onboard amenities details, and a feedback system to rate their journey experience. Simply put, with EZLOGZ, bus tracking becomes an engaging and informative experience.

Smart bus tracking system from EZLOGZ

What sets the EZLOGZ's bus tracking system apart from its competitors? Firstly, their commitment to offering a holistic bus-transit fleet tracking experience is unrivaled. Their software doesn't just focus on location tracking. Instead, it encompasses a broader spectrum including fleet tracking for passenger transport and advanced passenger monitoring systems.By using their service, fleet owners can ensure higher levels of safety, better fuel efficiency, and a noticeable reduction in operational costs. Passengers, meanwhile, can expect timely service, transparency, and a more enjoyable transit experience.


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