What is an ELD?

ELD is the abbreviation of Electronic Logging Device. The main purpose of the ELD is to automatically record a driver's driving time and other aspects of the hours-of-service (HOS) records. The device is compatible with the motor engine of the vehicle and can receive and log information about driving hours, engine activity, and miles. The presence of ELD is particularly essential in commercial truck driving, because it allows drivers to follow the guidelines of the Hours of Service regulations that govern the working hours of CMV drivers.

ELD Requirements:

The ELD synchronizes with the CMV engine to automatically record:
  • Engine power status
  • Vehicle motion status
  • Miles driven
  • Engine hours
  • Identification of driver/authorized user, vehicle, and motor carrier
  • Duty status

Why Carriers are switching now!

There’s been some hesitations among fleets owners and driver’s alike about the strict requirements surrounding the ELD mandate, so here’s some positive feedback to show you why now is the time to switch.
  • No more paper logs. The paper logs were easy to lose and very time consuming, which takes time away from driving.
  • Avoid costly violations with automatic alerts and simplified HOS monitoring.
  • Reduce risky driving- Enhance the safety of your drivers.

What should you look for in an ELD provider?

There are many ELD devices created to fit the parameters and specifics of a variety of vehicle types, including box trucks, vans, and even electric vehicles. However, there are also ELD’s that are compatible with ANY type of vehicle in your fleet. These ELD’s allow you to avoid unnecessary complications, saving you and your personnel time that would have otherwise been spent on training and memorizing multiple solutions.


To continue the subject of saving time and resources, your ELD devices should work in sync, and cause as little friction as possible. Your drivers have a lot of duties and tasks to keep in mind, so the perfect ELD solution shouldn’t distract them or be laden with features they won’t need in their work. The drivers should be able to easily update data, run inspections, and send reports to the administrators who, in turn, shouldn’t have trouble with processing data.

Smartphone compatibility

In modern times, a smartphone is an extension of almost all of our business tasks. There are ELD devices that work in sync with smartphones and tablets, allowing the drivers to quickly work with electronic driving logs and keep all the data in one place.

Compatible with older trucks

Lately, a lot of commercial drivers had to start looking for an ELD compatible with an older truck because new rules require switching from AOBRD to ELD. If there are some older models in your fleet, look for a solution that can be easily upgraded and offers compatibility.


Needless to say, you want your administrators, logistics experts and drivers to work together without interruptions and experience no difficulties.

Why Carriers are switching now!

At Ezlogz, we offer ELD solutions that are compatible with all of these requirements. In addition to all of the benefits mentioned above, we don’t require annual contracts or charge for any installation. Our devices also include:
  • Advanced location and time zone customization
  • Multilanguage features
  • Quick self-installation
  • Officer inspection mode
  • Trip-planning features
  • HOS Recap calculation
  • Automatic offline mode
  • IFTA calculation
  • Driver alerts
  • Simple controls
  • Violation alerts
  • Truck Navigation
  • & POI maps
  • Live GPS tracking
  • Electronic Permit book
  • Document center

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