What is DVIR?

It is a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report. DVIR in trucking is a document on the technical condition of the truck that the driver fills in every day of work. It indicates whether any potential defects or issues could impact the safe operation of a vehicle. And if there are, which ones exactly?

When a defect or deficiency is reported, action must be taken to repair the vehicle issues that would affect the safe operation, and signed by the driver or mechanic that the vehicle is safe for operation. DVIR is in the DOT truck inspection checklist. In addition, the trucker's pre-trip inspection can be viewed at roadside inspections.

driver vehicle inspection reports

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports

DVIR is a necessary part of the modern electronic logbook (elog) in today's transportation market. Meanwhile, this feature continues to be one of the most important in logistics compliance.

EZLOGZ ELDs have a DVIR feature. DVIR form can be downloaded in PDF format in our electronic logbook (elog).

Electronic DVIR benefits:

  • Electronic maintenance record keeping
  • Fast response, which will help the truck driver in their work
  • Paperless reporting - main plus of ELD devices
  • Visual confirmation - important in effective fleet tracking
  • High-quality report management, which manifests itself when it is necessary to fill out the annual dot inspection form.
  • Greater efficiency in trucking
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DVIR inspections and ELD devices

Each regular inspection recorded in the DVIR covers the following parts of the vehicle:
Brakes, including trailer brakes and parking brake
Lighting devices such as signals and taillights
Excessive wear on the tread from a process standpoint
Vehicle's horn
Any vehicles towed
Coupling devices
Lights and reflectors
Rearview mirror
Rims, wheels, and tires
Windshield wipers
Steering mechanism
Emergency equipment

In general, the cycle of work with DVIR consists of tasks. First, the driver inspects the truck or commercial motor vehicle (CMV) before and after work. Then they introduce defects according to the ABC formula (abrasions, bent or broken, and cuts).

After that, the DVIR is sent to the carrier for record keeping. The final task is the repair and the mechanic's signature on troubleshooting or repairs completed.

EZLOGZ ELD devices help fleets to avoid unnecessary losses. Penalties for hefty fines at the discretion of DOT officers:

  • Up to $1,270 per day for failing to complete a required DVIR.
  • Up to $12,700 for falsification of reports to hide a defect.
  • Up to $15,420 for failing to repair a reported fault.
electronic dvir


Use EZLOGZ electronic logging devices as a comprehensive solution for all your compliance needs. Regardless of compliance, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) is a powerful tool for safety and maintenance management, beneficial to any fleet.

Contact us or book a demo to learn more about fleet management software that can improve your fleet operations. To fully use the electronic DVIR feature, order EZLOGZ right now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does DVIR stand for?
If you are in business, you should take care of such an essential function as DVIR for trucking. DVIR means the driver vehicle inspection report. Simply put, these are mandatory vehicle condition reports for the state.
Driver vehicle inspection reports were introduced to reduce the number of accidents on the roads of the United States and Canada. In addition, DVIR requirements are necessary for fleet management to improve business quality because each vehicle inspection report, in which specific problems with the truck or CMV are recorded, reduces the risk of a traffic accident.
What is the difference between DVIR and pre-trip inspection?
Operating commercial motor vehicles (CMV) pre-trip inspections are required by the safety regulations in part 396.13 of the FMCSA. Therefore, the driver should log the pre and post-trip inspection process as on-duty time and annotate them as pre-trip or post-trip on their electronic logbooks (elogs).
The DVIR requirements are found in part 396.11 of the FMCSA. Operating commercial motor vehicles, your drivers must always complete a DVIR following the post-trip inspection.
Suppose you're a property-carrying motor carrier operating commercial motor vehicles. In that case, a DVIR is only required when a defect is discovered that would affect the vehicle's safe operation or result in a mechanical breakdown.
Here are some other examples of the items that would trigger the need for a DVIR:
  • Steering mechanism issues
  • Inoperable windshield wipers
  • Horn wheel or rim damage
  • Tire damage
  • Excessive wear on the tread from a process standpoint
What is DVIR in trucking?
Typically, driver vehicle inspection reports are made using ELD devices. It is an electronic logging device, i.e., an electronic logbook with elog is used by CMV to comply with Hours of Service (HOS).
How to fill out an annual vehicle inspection report?
An annual inspection of fleet tracking means an equipment inspection is performed every 12 months by law. The term includes an acceptance inspection performed within that period. Remember the DOT inspection form.
When are you required to complete and sign a DVIR?
Driver vehicle inspection reports are signed before and after work and sent to fleet management. These are the DVIR requirements.
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