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Unique ELD solution for trucks

EzSmart is a unique high technology ELD trucking device designed by Ezlogz. It has improved GPS performance, instant Internet connection, and data recovery. Ezlogz cloud storage allows you to get access to data at any moment. EzSmart updates automatically and includes an easy-to-use app. Purchase EzSmart now, and start exploring all its benefits!

Ezlogz ELD for trucks advantages

Choose the best ELD device on the market. Created with a truck driver in mind, EzSmart ELD is your reliable partner on the road! It's an FMCSA certified device that is easy-to-install. Just place EzSmart in your vehicle, and it will connect to the control unit via cable OBD2 port or other. Have any difficulties? Our support department is ready to help 24/7 with the ELD system for trucks surrounding questions and other issues!

preview Data transmission: truck-device-server
preview Ezlogz cloud storage
preview FMCSA compliance
preview Full raw data
preview Data saving for the all period of driving
preview Own SIM card
preview Internal Antennas
preview Internal Battery
preview Bluetooth LE
preview Instant Internet connection
preview Improved GPS performance
preview Instant data recovery
preview Automatic updates
preview Locking Connector
preview No renting fees
preview No additional payments

HOS Final Rule Explanation

The FMCSA Hours of Service Final Rule comes to action on September 29. New rules are based on commercial drivers' feedback and provided to increase safety and flexibility. To prepare for these significant changes, watch the Ezlogz explanation of the Final Rule.

The FMCSA Hours of Service Final Rule comes to action on September 29

Ezlogz app advantages

Ezlogz app is much more than just an electronic logbook. It's an all-in-one solution with various social tools, designed to provide effective communication between truck drivers, safety directors, and logistics companies. It's also a perfect opportunity to stay in touch with family and friends. Join the Ezlogz community and enjoy the benefits of our app and the best truck ELD!

preview Upgraded IFTA reports
preview Easy-to-use app
preview Multi-language 24/7 support
preview Points of Interest function
preview Document center tool
preview Violation alerts
preview Truck navigation
preview Electronic DVIR
preview Weather
preview Chat
preview Electronic signature

Document center tool

Keep all your essential work documents organized in EzCloud! Your documents will be available for the safety director or any other person in the back-end office. You can download and upload your files at any time in PDF format, add photos of fuel receipts, and quickly find any document you need.

item-preview Accident Photo
item-preview Citation
item-preview Insurance card
item-preview Scale Ticket
item-preview Registration
item-preview Bill of Lading
item-preview Fuel Receipt
item-preview Lumper
item-preview Annual Inspection Report
item-preview Repair Ticket

Why is Ezlogz a leader among electronic logging devices for trucks?

The main goal of Ezlogz is to create a long-term partnership with every client. We develop new products and improve those of our products that are well-known on the market. EzSmart truck driver ELD & App embrace the experience and the latest technologies. The primary benefit of the EzSmart device is the instant Internet connection, reliability, and FMCSA compliance.

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Points of interest function

It's impossible to keep everything in mind. And you don't need to with the Ezlogz app function – points of interest. Mark places for your route on the map, or search locations via categories, such as weigh stations, available parking, fuel stops, rest areas, and check the weather on your route. Within the POI function, you can also share useful information with other truckers, get recommendations on your way, or check your trip history.

preview Weigh Station
preview Trip planner maps & History
preview Available parking
preview Fuel stops
preview Rest areas
preview Weather
preview Warehouses
preview Truck wash
preview Traffic
preview Saved spots
preview Pharmacies
preview Other

Trip Planner

Plan your trip with an easy-to-use Ezlogz app! Just enter your origin and destination, and our Trip Planner will calculate your arrival time in consideration of your working hours, rest breaks, and speed limit. Use pinpoint locations to save places, and add your truck's dimensions to build the optimal route automatically. Be always on time, and stop using multiple tools for work – with Ezlogz, everything you need is in one place.

item-preview GPS tracking
item-preview Geofencing
item-preview Arrival calculation
item-preview Trips history
item-preview Offline mode updates
item-preview Route planner
item-preview Truck live location

How do trucking electronic logging devices work?

EzSmart ELD connects to the EMC (engine control modules) through a diagnostic port and synchronizes with the truck, Ezlogz app, and Dashboard. EzSmart ELD for truck drivers is reliable because the device has a two-layer data transfer: truck-device-Ezlogz cloud server. If the phone could not sync the data for some reason – with EzSmart, it will be saved due to an instant Internet connection.

how work eld

Join Ezlogz to get the best ELD for trucks!

The main goal of Ezlogz is to create a long-term partnership with every client. We develop new products and improve those of our products that are well-known on the market. Ezlogz ELD devices for trucks are the best solution on the road. Order EzSmart device from Ezlogz now, and make sure by yourself!

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Transportation (FDOT) announced the Starke Truck Route, a four lane truck route implemented to reduce traffic congestion on U.S. 301
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