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GPS Food Service App: Benefits

The quality of products, the safety of your customers, and profits depend on it. In the food and beverage industry, the business must follow specific standards during the production processes themselves and transportation.

Tracking food and beverage transportation systems can improve working methods in this field. Just buy an ELD and use an electronic logbook (elog) for this.

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Truck GPS with ELD reduces the administrative burden of HOS management and meets FSMA requirements effortlessly.

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Simplify daily tasks using a wide range of the fleet's valuable truck tracking features: truck navigation, truck GPS, truck maps, fleet violation alerts, IFTA and DVIR reports, etc. Upgrade the truck drivers' capability

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Surpass customers’

Control dry-van and reefer environments with GPS delivery service and get real-time alerts when the food and beverage temperature goes out of range.

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Share the fleet’s truck arrival time and temperature logs, and notify customers about delays to increase the trust rate.

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What Functions Food And Beverage Tracking App Should Have?

The truck GPS tracker cannot function without an appropriate food truck tracking app, where you can view various data, track the route, and use additional functions. Among the essential features that a food truck GPS must possess are the following:

Tracking location and delivery time

Even if all the established norms are observed, food and drinks are pretty perishable goods. Therefore, tracking the location of transport and delivery time is one of the mandatory functionss of the best food truck tracking apps. With its help, you can correct the route in time, take possible measures if the truck is delayed on the way, and avoid traffic jams.

Temperature control

Due to special sensors, it is possible to monitor the conditions inside refrigerators. Each product must be transported at a specific temperature so that it does not deteriorate and harm consumers. An alert is sent to the food truck tracker app if the temperature goes out of range.

Reducing breakdowns and out-of-service time

Food truck GPS tracking shows how long the truck has traveled. The truck’s GPS time affects the technical condition of the vehicle. This way, you can understand when inspection or repairs must be conducted. It increases personnel safety and also ensures against losses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What location requires Food Truck GPS Tracking?
Regardless of location and destination, most trucks that transport food and drinks are equipped with GPS. It is built into the electronic logging device required for CMV drivers. However, a GPS food truck tracker may still have additional functions that are useful specifically for this type of cargo.
What are law requirements?
Regarding food truck GPS tracking, this function is included in electronic logging devices (ELDs) that almost all CMV drivers use. FMCSA regulations require such devices to control hours of service (HOS), prevent tired drivers, and improve road safety. However, truck GPS food service is not only connected with tracking time and miles.
There are particular food and beverage transportation conditions, like temperature, packaging, and placement. Each product has its characteristic, and trucks must transport food and beverages in special trucks equipped with refrigerators.
All this is considered during the DOT inspection of food and beverage trucks.
Why you cannot handle without GPS Food Services?
A reliable GPS device and the best food truck tracker app are potent components of successful fleet business management. With their help, new opportunities such as truck GPS are opening up for increasing the productivity and efficiency of transporting products.
In addition to the functions above and their benefits, GPS food services reduce fuel costs since you can create an optimal truck navigation route by tracking the truck’s movement and the truck maps of traffic jams. Truck GPS also helps to avoid having to drive an empty truck. Furthermore, such a system improves personnel safety.
Tracking the food and beverage fleet is about taking care of customers. If you know where your vehicles are located and when the goods will be delivered, and whether all the conditions for the correct food storage are adhered to, the client will always receive the best quality on time. In addition, he will appreciate your work and again turn to your services to increase your income.
The main goal of EZLOGZ is to create a long-term partnership with every fleet client. We develop new products and improve those of our products that are well-known on the market.

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