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IFTA is the International Fuel Tax Agreement. This agreement covers the ten southern territories of Canada and the lower 48 states of the United States. Now IFTA reporting is done on almost all eld devices. Every quarter, to meet IFTA requirements, managers make a fleet tracking report and submit an IFTA report to the Tax Office to correctly pay fuel taxes because they are different in each state and territory.

IFTA reporting is a calculation of distances for three months in each state using eld devices. That is, which vehicle, in which state, and how many miles did it drive in the trucking process? IFTA reporting software is required for the correct calculation of fuel tax. At the end of each quarter, the fleet owner submits a report to the state after processing fleet tracking.

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IFTA Reporting with EZLOGZ

Fleet tracking greatly facilitates the once-difficult process of IFTA reporting. Now ELD devices themselves calculate the necessary coefficients with the help of IFTA reporting software while you are engaged in trucking.

EZLOGZ eld devices with electronic logbooks maintain truck tracking and help companies organize IFTA reporting. EZLOGZ makes an automatic calculation based on the current values for taxes.

To comply with IFTA requirements, the truck driver uploads all the data to our cloud.

  • IFTA miles tracking of each state with all details (which truck, how many miles, when, etc.);
  • Automatically calculated fuel tax reporting using our cloud (connecting the app to the device is not necessary);
  • Report options to generate for a month or a quarter;
  • Different filters: truck, state, and fuel types;
  • Download reports in PDF or Excel from the electronic logging device (ELD);
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Who needs an IFTA sticker?

Every CDL vehicle that makes trucking interstate and wants to pay fuel taxes correctly in the USA and Canada must renew its license yearly on the international fuel tax agreement website.

How to get an IFTA sticker? First, you must complete an online application through the IFTA IPC online portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IFTA in trucking?
IFTA means the International Fuel Tax Agreement. IFTA reporting is an essential part of the logistics. Every owner-operator who needs an IFTA sticker must register through the IFTA IPC online application portal. A truck driver uses their electronic logging device for IFTA miles tracking.
How does IFTA work?
IFTA reporting takes place every three months. Before that, each fuel purchase is recorded using an electronic logbook (elog). Quarterly IFTA reports are sent to the US and Canadian tax authorities.
Who participates in IFTA?
Those who have registered on their website. Each truck tracking process through an electronic logbook (elog) facilitates IFTA reporting.
How often is IFTA filed?
IFTA reporting is done on every check of fuel a truck fills up. In addition, four times a year, your fleet management submits relevant reports to your country's tax authorities. And remember to renew your sticker every year.
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