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Book better loads from the largest freight broker companies, choose the highest paying jobs in load board, save time by requesting a load ahead of time, keep your trucks full, and earn more with EZLOADZ.

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EZLOADZ is a different, more effective way to source, negotiate, and haul loads. Our load board for trucks provides carriers with customized load suggestions, request-a-load functionality, and the ability to search thousands of loads on demand. Load board for trucks is like having the world's best logistics company in your pocket.

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Haul more with EZLOADZ

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Find better loads to haul
Find suitable loads for your business with our load board for trucks intuitive search and filter features. Search by pick-up location, drop-off location, and pick-up date in your load board. Sort by the highest paying jobs, most recently posted, and nearest load in the load board.
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Save time
Request a load ahead of time and let EZLOADZ match you with freight that meets your preferences in the load board. Keep your trucks full, and save hours of wasted time looking through load boards. Filter by trailer type, rate per mile, length of haul, and total weight.
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Maximize earnings
Receive customized load suggestions based on your search history, location, hauled loads, and set preferences in the load board. Maintain a steady stream of opportunities to consider and reduce empty miles with load board for trucks - EZLOADZ and you will receive the load of your dreams.
Find and book loads faster with less hassle on the load board for trucks. Improve your efficiency and maximize your earning potential

Simple, yet powerful
functionality of EZLOADZ

Questions? Email sales@ezlogz.com or call us at 800-670-7807

Load Board: How to use EZLOADZ?

A new feature FOR FREE – load board EZLOADZ!

A free personalized load board for your business is designed specifically to help you quickly see and book the best loads!

Welcome to easy truck loads to help dispatchers, owner-operators, and drivers. Get the most out of the load board.

Keep your truck full and on the road with EZLOADZ

EZLOADZ is the best load board for trucks to help you source better loads, more consistently, maximizing your earnings and cutting down on empty miles. In addition, EZLOADZ is among the highest-paying load boards.

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Thousands of load
opportunities are
available 24/7 in your
load board
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Free access for
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Automated and
suggested loads to
reduce empty miles
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Dedicated carrier and
driver support in the
load board
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Freight for all types of
equipment: Reefer, Dry
Van, Flatbed...
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Take control of your business

From the ground up our truck load board app is designed to put you in control and help you earn more. Load board learns your preferred lanes, rates, and types of freight you like to haul then notifies you when a matching load becomes available

Truck Load Board:
How to find truck loads with EZLOADZ?

A free personalized load board for your business is designed specifically to help you quickly see and book the best loads!
Filter your search results, view load details, and contact 3pls.

Over 150,000+ downloads of EZLOGZ ELD app

What is the “Request a Load” feature?

The “Request a Load” feature allows you to request freight ahead of time. We'll match you with available loads based on where your truck is headed and your set preferences. For example, what type of equipment do you work with?

We have freight for a range of equipment types including reefer (we offer the best load boards for reefer), dry van, and flatbed, and are adding new load opportunities daily. A free personalized load boards app for your business designed specifically to help you see and book loads quickly.

How to request a load with EZLOADZ?

It is designed specifically to help you see and book loads quickly! We'll show you how to request a load, submit a load request, edit or delete a request, and view available matches.

If you don't have time to search you can request a load and let the load board app automatically search for the load you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a load?
Load boards for trucks are designed to help drivers, owner-operators, and dispatchers. So acquire as much as possible of that load board.
How to get access to load boards? Preparing the account will transform into quick steps in the load board and allow people to manage their business effectively. EZLOGZ has the best load board EZLOADZ. Begin and confirm the client’s dot number. The user can then select their role at the company on the load board: truck dispatcher, owner operator, or company driver. If you selected a truck driver, you'll now choose the type of equipment that fits you. Finally, customers are ready to start finding high-quality loads and keeping their trucks full.
Search for a load or open a personalized suggestion in your load board, tap on the load to view its details. If the load looks like a good opportunity, tap the call or email button and book, negotiate or ask questions about the freight. Alternatively, you can choose to tap “book it now” and book directly through our truck load board app.
How do I find loads?
EZLOADZ includes several features to help you find the right load for your business. Search in our load board by pick-up location, drop-off location, pick-up date, and drop-off date. Sort by the highest paying jobs, most recent posting, loads requiring tracking, and nearest load. Filter by trailer type, rate per mile, length of haul, and total weight. Input advance pick-up radius and drop-off radius options.
Finding great truck loads using a load board is easy to start by entering a pickup location in the search bar to find truck loads near you. Select a current location. You can also enter optional details like delivery location pick, update, deadhead, and equipment to narrow your search. Press on the search button to see available loads. Select the filter button to narrow your search even further. Here you can filter your results by 3pl and properties like rate, weight, distance, and numerous others. To clear your filters and see the full results select "clear all". Click anywhere on a load to see more details including commodity, freight, type, and shipping notes.
If you're part of a fleet and want to share a load with your dispatch press the "share load" button. Your truck dispatcher will be notified that you've shared a load and will be able to see the load and its details in their app. It's that easy you're now ready to start finding truck loads.
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The main goal of EZLOGZ is to create a long-term partnership with every client. We develop new products and improve those of our products that are well-known on the market.

Join EZLOADZ to get the best loads for trucks of your fleet in our load board

Questions? Email sales@ezlogz.com or call us at 800-670-7807

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