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EzChatAI is an innovative subsidiary of the pioneering EzTechTonic group. Collaborating with industry giant Ezlogz, the duo has crafted the world's first AI-powered Electronic Logging Device (ELD). This cutting-edge technology promises to reshape the logistics industry by providing truck drivers with an intelligent companion, optimizing operations, and elevating safety standards. EzChatAI: Spearheading the Logistics of Tomorrow.
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Drivewyze is North America's Largest Weigh Station Bypass Service. Over 2.8 million trucks have access to Drivewyze software and connected truck services, improving efficiency and keeping their roadways safe. Drivewyze has three main products: PreClear - fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites across the US and Canada, Safety+ - customizable, location-based alerts, coaching tools that support drivers on the road, and e-Inspection - automatization of the inspection procedure critical parts, reducing truckers' time.
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Oregon-based Truck Depot is a prestigious national provider of convenient and secure semi-truck parking and warehouse facilities. Truck Depot, the brainchild of Aurel Davidyan, is experiencing accelerated growth, boasting 15 locations nationwide and ambitions to conquer every major city in the United States. The company seeks to satisfy the trucking industry's urgent requirement for increased truck depot facilities by presenting flexible short-term (overnight) and long-term (monthly) parking options.
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Ezloadz is our free built-in load board that has direct access to hundreds of thousands of high-quality load opportunities from some of North America’s largest freight broker companies, uploaded daily to the EZLOGZ application and safety dashboard. Our truck load board app helps carriers by taking the uncertainty out of finding their next load opportunity. Ezloadz ensures carriers can quickly find and book high-quality loads making it easy to improve profitability!
The EZLOGZ ELD app also comes packed with many unique tools for truckers that go way beyond the communication spectrum. For example, Smart Safety benefits include multiple violation prevention, online training, legal ways to solve drivers' issues, 24/7 multiple language support, news about HOS rules updates and drivers' community, and more. So choose an effective way to save your money!
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