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On the Ezlogz website, you can purchase ELD, which is the best on the market in terms of reliability and availability of all the necessary functions. The company is concerned about truck drivers' safety and comfort, so it has spent a lot of effort into developing the equipment. Also, Ezlogz is constantly improving its product. Thus, customers have access to the best solution in the ELD market at a favorable price. Also, pay once — there are no additional payments and renting fees.
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What is ELD Price and What Factors Influence It

If you are a truck driver, fleet owner, or manager of a logistics company, you are faced with the need to buy an electronic logging device. Today such a device is a necessity, not a fashionable trend. Therefore, it is essential to know what affects the formation of ELD pricing and where to buy equipment, the price of which will match the quality.

ELD cost

If you are looking for a device, you have probably already visited several online stores and noticed that product prices differ depending on the availability of certain functions and additional factors. Each manufacturing company has the right to set the price itself.

Since the advent of the device, ELD costs have changed. The first such equipment for commercial vehicles could cost $ 2,500. It is quite natural because before, very few companies were engaged in electronic logging devices. Customers did not have a choice and access to variety on the market. Simultaneously, the use experience showed that such a device is indispensable for a truck and can recoup its price.

ow there are many manufacturing companies on the market, and the cost of an ELD device fluctuates around $ 1000. However, some factors can reduce or increase the price. Firstly, the type of transport plays a role, because commercial transport does not include only trucks. It is related to buses for transporting passengers and trucks of different sizes and capacities. Each type has its own needs, which ELD must fully satisfy. Secondly, if you are a fleet owner with many vehicles, you may be given a discount on your purchase. And vice versa — the device can be more expensive for independent truckers.

To fully perform its work, ELD must meet specific requirements. The level of quality, reliability of equipment, service life, and additional features directly affect the device's price. Hardware should automatically and accurately record date, time, location, engine hours and then transfer them to the logbook. ELD must also be FMCSA compliant and certified.

ELD cannot be imagined without a corresponding electronic logbook because all the recorded data is displayed there. Manufacturers often offer their customers a logbook with the device as a convenient mobile application. Apart from the essential functions, the software can include additional features to simplify the wheel's work. This factor also influences price formation.

What is included in the Ezlogz ELD price?

The device is fully compliant with FMCSA requirements. It has improved GPS performance and a speedy Internet connection. EzSmart completing unit includes internal antennas, batteries, and its own SIM card. Drivers do not need to configure the device as it updates automatically manually.

ELD price provides access to the Ezlogz cloud storage. That is why you can look through all necessary data at any time and any place. Also, information is saved for all periods of driving. If necessary, there is instant data recovery.

In addition to hardware, Ezlogz offers its customers a super convenient and easy-to-use mobile application that will help them better experience all the ELD benefits. This electronic logbook cost includes a wide range of cool features. For example, the capability of seeing upgraded IFTA reports and electronic DVIR. All materials are kept in the EzСloud, and the app allows managing them.

Ezlogz logbook for ELD also provides truck navigation, weather outlook and even shows the nearest points of interest. Due to these features, you can map the most optimal route, avoid unwanted horrendous traffic, and prevent any cargo transportation delays. What is more, the logbook app allows you to use multi-language 24/7 support if any road issues arise — there is a specially designed chat.

All these features are not only about work requirements. When you purchase high-quality ELD and software, you can significantly increase your productivity, earn more money, and avoid future unnecessary expenses. The price depends on the reliability of the device. The higher the reliability, the fewer chances that it will break at the most inopportune moment — for example, it fails to record the necessary data and, as a result, you will receive a massive fine from DOT inspection.

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