School Bus Tracking System

school bus tracking system
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School bus transport requires special technical requirements and solutions. After all, children here act as passengers, for whom special supervision is necessary. Ezlogz knows how to keep little road users as safe as possible with a reliable school bus tracking system.
bus tracking system


track bus
Evaluate the
route efficiency

To increase the route efficiency, ensure improvements, and balance busloads, use the ridership information and road analytics

school bus tracking
Reply to parent
inquires fast

Quickly solve parents issues about missed stops, delays, and road incident by using a real-time school bus tracking system

school bus tracker
Assure student

NFC readers for student tracking create the most efficient incident response solution available

Main tasks

  1. Know the exact school bus location

    Live school bus and student tracker specifies late and missed stops, emergency lights usage, and hazardous driving

  2. Track children’s location

    NFC ID cards register when and where children get on and off buses, so you are always aware whether all the passengers have taken their seats and if no one is late for the departure

  3. Increase route efficiency

    Get available data on traffic jams and vehicle location to plan trips and find the most optimal routes with school bus GPS tracking system

  4. Route integration for performance improvement

    Import routes easily, and track on-time performance to identify bus delays trends and find the best directions

  5. Improve road safety for children

    Monitor the driver behavior by using a high-technology video recorder and prevent dangerous driving

  6. Manage all processes easily

    See all necessary information, school bus location, and route map on one screen and experience advantageous functions for work optimization

School Bus Tracking App Features

The app must accurately display the data received from devices installed in school buses. Namely — info about the vehicle location in real-time, data on whether all supposed passengers took their seats, and approximate arrival time at the destination point. Apart from that, an excellent school bus GPS tracking app must display a map of the school bus moving. A great benefit is planning the most optimal route having data on traffic jams and available points of interes

Questions on Tracking School Bus


Why is School Bus GPS Tracking System Helpful?

Accurate navigation is very important for the carriage of students. The owners of such a fleet should be very attentive to providing safety. If necessary, it should be possible to provide prompt assistance. At the very least, not all schoolchildren know how to behave in case of danger. GPS school bus tracking system allows you to see the school bus location, plan the route according to traffic jams and attractions, and lessen travel time. This function is essential for parents who want to know that their child gets to school and back safely. You can also provide fast resolution for issues about missed stops or road incidents, having updated information.


What Should You Know About the Best School Bus Tracking Software?

If you are the owner of a passenger transport fleet, namely school buses, you should implement special software in your work. It helps you streamline and simplify your daily tasks. In a good app for tracking school buses, you can view all reports on the mobile phone or tablet screen. This function can control fuel consumption rates, schedule vehicle inspections, and prevent unexpected breakdowns on the road.

Pay attention to the app interface. It should be convenient and straightforward, without unnecessary functions and a million buttons. All necessary information should be quickly accessible so that you can immediately see the essential data in case of an emergency.

In the event of delays on the way, notifications should be sent to the mobile application. The same goes for missed or unplanned stops. This allows you to provide the necessary information to parents when needed quickly.

Choose a reliable provider — do your research before using the services. Read customers’ reviews about the company, find out if the equipment and software meet all legal requirements. The provider must also ensure the complete confidentiality of parent and student data.

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