Smart cam


EzCloud is a raw data storage for the EzSmart device. Get to the new FMCSA compliance level with infinity-stored raw, anytime restorable data, instant access to the truck's location in any situation, free-stored reports, and even more!

Unlimited storage
No additional fees for keeping data in EzCloud – you can store an unlimited amount of raw data for free
Keep all-time data
EzCloud keeps the raw data and sent reports from the first connection of the EzSmart device
Constant vehicle info
Get the info about the vehicle's location and speed, even without the app connection

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The main goal of Ezlogz is to create a long-term partnership with every client. We develop new products and improve those of our products that are well-known on the market.

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Transportation (FDOT) announced the Starke Truck Route, a four lane truck route implemented to reduce traffic congestion on U.S. 301
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