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EZLOGZ is the all-in-one logistic platform for state and government fleet management, driver safety, and compliance.

The company provides high-technological ELD devices to increase efficiency and simplify municipal and government fleet management work.

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Sync All The Systems

Open APIs simplify the data sync process to sync data with existing systems for GIS, government fleet and asset management, etc.

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To increase the speed of citizen feedback for government fleet management, it's vital to have searchable trip histories. Verify that services are performed safely and efficiently. Just buy an ELD and use an electronic logbook for this.

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Prevent And Reduce Downtime

Prevent breakdowns with instant alerts, live engine diagnostics, and usage-based maintenance schedules for government fleet management.

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Raise municipal services

From public works to transit agencies to sanitation, empower every department and government fleet management with real-time visibility to improve response times, keep citizens informed, and reduce call volume.

Every asset tracking

Track all your parts with simple actions - from dumpsters to mowers. Get geofence alerts to detect theft and quickly identify misplaced parts with regular location check-ins.

Shape your government fleet management

To meet every department's needs, make data-driven decisions for your fleet. For example, determine whether to reduce the fleet size or reallocate government fleet vehicles with detailed vehicle and asset utilization reports.

Clarify administration and reporting processes

Form intuitive reports that can be viewed on request or scheduled in advance to clarify administration. Create reports across multiple departments effortlessly to drive transparency and accountability.

How Does Municipal and Government Fleet Management Work?

A sophisticated system of technological solutions is designed to optimize the fleet owners' work. All devices are integral and function seamlessly to improve government vehicle efficiency. As a result, EZLOGZ equipment is a perfect choice not only for municipal fleets but agricultural machinery as well.

A user-friendly track dashboard has many features and lets you see the necessary data from all connected devices on one screen. You can view the KPI of your fleet and government cars, monitor workflows, and increase productivity. In addition, there is access to all government vehicle reports, tickets, bills, and insurance cards.

A driving video recorder is an essential device for fleet safety. Control the drivers' behavior, prevent dangerous driving, and keep an eye on everything around your or government vehicles.

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Essential Feature — GPS For Municipal Fleets

Truck navigation plays a key role in fleet management. For this purpose, EZLOGZ provides improved GPS performance for its devices. Due to GPS, you can always find your government vehicles and see their location on the map, even if you can't communicate with the driver.

Improve safety for the municipal fleet and, as a result, the work conditions of your employees. By the way, EZLOGZ provides solutions for passenger transportation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Government fleet management importance
Government fleet management is a discipline that, with a decent level of skill, will allow you to significantly improve the pace of development of your settlement. Government fleets are essential to the public system's functioning, which is why government fleet management is necessary for every municipal or state entity. In addition, the government fleet consists of various vehicles that need collaborative work. And this is where government fleet management comes in handy.
High-quality government fleet management can become the locomotive that will allow your community to increase the number of profitable companies significantly. Your organization can make government fleet management part of its CSR. If the government fleet's work is adjusted optimally, the overall progress will be fantastic.
Government fleet management allows not only to save money, but fleet drivers also quickly improve their qualifications by using government fleet management tools. The government fleet is part of a large community of workers in the transport industry, and the government fleet management system allows them to adequately compete with truckers of private companies and non-governmental organizations.
The main goal of EZLOGZ is to create a long-term partnership with every fleet client. We develop new products and improve those of our products that are well-known on the market.

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