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Logistic Transportation with Ezlogz

Load transportation is an essential and developed industry. It involves millions of truckers and commercial vehicles. Ezlogz presents innovative technical solutions for drivers and fleet owners to help organize work, increase efficiency, and improve road safety.



Increase effectiveness

Get an accurate data record with our hardware. Connect all devices to the mobile app, and view all data on the screen


Upgrade the drivers' capability

Simplify daily tasks due to a wide range of useful features: truck navigation, violation alerts, IFTA and DVIR reports, etc


Surpass customers' expectations

Share live ETA's to cut inquiries, enhance your productivity, and provide the best service to your customers

Main tasks

Equipment and software for transportation and logistics must help achieve the aims of the industry. Transportation tracking is a function that can solve most of the main tasks. With its help, you can get the necessary data about your transport and control the work.

Join us

The main goal of Ezlogz is to create a long-term partnership with every client. We develop new products and improve those of our products that are well-known on the market.

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Transportation (FDOT) announced the Starke Truck Route, a four lane truck route implemented to reduce traffic congestion on U.S. 301
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