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Best GPS for truckers and fleets is very important truck tracking for the quality
work of the fleet truck tracker.

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Load transportation is an essential and developed fleet industry. Transportation & Logistics involves millions of truckers and commercial vehicles. EZLOGZ presents innovative technical solutions for fleet truck tracking - GPS truck tracking system and FMCSA-registered ELD.

This will help truck drivers and fleet owners to organize work, increase efficiency, and improve road safety. The electronic Logging Device (ELD) from EZLOGZ is your reliable partner on the road!

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Get an accurate truck tracking fleet data record and the best trucker GPS with our hardware. Connect all fleet devices to the mobile app, and view all tracking truck drivers’ data on the screen.

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Upgrade the drivers'

Simplify daily tasks using a wide range of the fleet's valuable truck tracking features: truck navigation, truck GPS, truck maps, fleet violation alerts, IFTA and DVIR reports, etc. Upgrade the truck drivers' capability

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Surpass customers’

Share live ETAs to reduce truck tracking inquiries, enhance productivity, and provide your customers with the best ELD service and the fleet GPS for truckers.

Let EZLOGZ streamline your business with our cutting edge products and service options

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Equipment (truck tracking) and fleet software for transportation and logistics must help achieve the aims of the fleet industry. Truck GPS tracking is a function that can solve most of the main tasks. With the help of truck tracking, you can get the necessary data about your transportation & logistics and control the work of truck drivers.

EZLOGZ ELD devices guarantee real time information about your truck tracking or fleet with 99.9% accuracy. Track the location of your trucks in real time. You can monitor truck tracking data 24/7. Choose the best truck GPS tracking ELD device in the transportation and logistics market.

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Install an EZLOGZ truck tracking dashcam for the fleets that significantly improve truck driver safety in the transportation and logistics market. The GPS for truck drivers and fleet dashcam captures the road in great detail, and in the event of an accident, it is a reliable witness for exonerating truck drivers.

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Improve truck tracking drivers' comfort. The mobile fleet ELD app and GPS for truck drivers allow you to keep an electronic logbook (elog), plan a route, and communicate with fleet truckers and fleet managers. EZLOGZ truck tracking ELD has such options as truck driver GPS and data transmission from the ELD device to the EZLOGZ cloud server, where you can control all the truck driver GPS data.

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