Effectivity and comfort for passenger transportations

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Ezlogz is the all-in-one logistic platform for fleet management, driver safety, and compliance



Increase pick-up

Dispatch drivers to the closest passenger and reduce waiting time according to distance and traffic conditions. Import routes to identify trends and performance improvements



Streamline day-to-day operations and reduce costs with Ezlogz all-in-one logistic platform, which includes driver HOS, IFTA reports and idling alerts, and maintenance schedules


Raise passenger

With live temperature monitoring and custom alerts, you can ensure that the vehicle climate is optimized and comfortable for passengers and increases customer satisfaction

Main tasks

  1. Promote secure driving and protect your company

    Speed up insurance payouts, learn more distracted driving with Ezlogz dashcam footage. Provide safe driving with safety scores for drivers, and mobile app leaderboards

  2. Real-time fleet tracking

    Examine the live vehicle location, distance from pick-up or drop-off locations, and current traffic conditions. Reduce late arrivals, inform passengers in case of delays

  3. Send live ETA's to passengers

    Increase passengers' experience by reducing inquiries and sharing real-time vehicle locations with customers. Use Ezlogz dashboard data in your passenger portal for free

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The main goal of Ezlogz is to create a long-term partnership with every client. We develop new products and improve those of our products that are well-known on the market.

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Transportation (FDOT) announced the Starke Truck Route, a four lane truck route implemented to reduce traffic congestion on U.S. 301
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