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On September 13-19, 2020, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is running

This year, a central point of the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW) is the truck drivers role during the COVID-19. NTDAW is the time of America's gratitude to the truck driver profession and appreciation of their hard work.

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Best Dash Cam For Fleet Owners and Solo Drivers


A dash cam is a video device that is usually installed on the vehicle dashboard. It is designed to record all events that occur in front of the vehicle. It is also able to record events taking place in the cab of a car, truck, or bus. The camera easily attaches to the dashboard and connects with a USB cable.

ELD Devices for Sale in 2021 — Which One to Buy?

truck mirror

December 2021 will mark 2 years since ELD Mandate finally entered into force. US commercial drivers are now required to use only this device. And although several years have passed since the first presentation of the device, the question of which equipment to choose is still relevant.

Ezlogz commented on the recent article on FreightWaves

Ezlogz commented on the recent article on FreightWaves

Ezlogz recently became aware of an article posted on FreightWaves. The article concerns a driver whose family was reportedly threatened by a trucking company owned by Chabanenkos after he declared his employer's illegal actions. It is about excessive workload and data falsification in logbooks.

Why You Cannot Do Without Fleet Management Systems


Every fleet owner is trying to find a way to outflank the competition, improve their trucks' efficiency, and increase profits. Large companies also need to find a method that will achieve these goals and manage a big number of CMVs with ease. In this case, trucking fleet management systems come to the rescue.

ELD performance: how it WORKS


Electronic logging devices are known as specially designed hardware for the commercial vehicle sphere. It is created to simplify HOS recording for drivers and improve the safety level on the road. To achieve these needs, ELD performance provides certain technical peculiarities.

How to Manage School Bus Fleet Effectively


To operate a school bus fleet, you need to understand that we are talking about transporting children. Therefore, it is necessary to consider many factors related to their safety. What is important to manage such a fleet and what functions should the auxiliary equipment have, read in the following article.

ELD Standards Throughout the USA


To follow the transport law, not commit violations and not receive fines, it is necessary to understand ELD standards. There are general rules for drivers and technical ones for equipment manufacturers. Let's take a look at their nuances.

Fleet Management System

truck driver

Are you an automobile fleet owner or do you work for a company that has thousands of cars? If you are looking for a way to improve your job, simplify your daily tasks, and accrue productivity, then the fleet management system and software are worth a look.

What is AOBRD: Device History, Functions, Future

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When you are looking for the equipment you need for your truck or fleet, you will likely come across the acronym AOBRD.

How to Choose a Dash Cam for Truckers

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When we talk about improving traffic and fleet safety, you cannot do without the right dash cam. After all, it is a reliable technical assistant who is always an objective witness to any incidents.

Travel Tips for truck drivers

Industrial port container

A professional driver knows the importance of road trip planning. A well-planned trip is profitable. It also raises a trucker's comfort level and eases the stress level of the day.

What is FMCSA compliance?

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The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration (FMCSA) is a division of the Department of Transportation. It was created to improve the safety of vehicles.

HOS Final Rule

cement street financial

From September, it will become easier for the trucker with updated HOS rules! What will change from September 29?

National truck driver appreciation week

Cement street financial

From September, it will become easier for the trucker with updated HOS rules! What will change from September 29?

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Transportation (FDOT) announced the Starke Truck Route, a four lane truck route implemented to reduce traffic congestion on U.S. 301
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