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ELD Devices for Sale in 2021 — Which One to Buy?


December 2021 will mark 2 years since ELD Mandate finally entered into force. US commercial drivers are now required to use only this device. And although several years have passed since the first presentation of the device, the question of which equipment to choose is still relevant.

An electronic logging device is a special part of hardware designed to record CMV driver's hours of service. The HOS fix was invented to improve road safety by regulating workloads and reducing trucker fatigue. Previously, paper logbooks and less advanced technical devices were used for this.

There are many manufacturers on the market today who offer equipment sale (ELD). But how not drown in a ton of propositions and buy exactly what will satisfy your needs?

FMCSA Compliant ELD For Sale

The first thing to remember is that the device must meet the technical requirements set by the FMCSA. The equipment must be certified. Comprehensive information about this can be found on the official website of the Agency. Now we want to provide an overview of the most important features to look out for when buying equipment.

  • Device connection. The device connects directly to the engine (namely, EMC) through a diagnostic port. Thus, it is fully synchronized with the vehicle, turns on and off automatically when the truck reaches a certain speed. This ensures high accuracy of HOS recording. Vehicles manufactured before 2000 do not have EMC, so ELD installation is not possible there. Besides, ELD must be tamper-proof to prevent data falsification.
  • Data transfer method. A compliant ELD must have two ways of transmitting the received information: local and telematic. Data from a device to another device (for example, road inspectors) must be transmitted either via USB or Bluetooth or through special Internet services.
  • Data types. ELD should record not only the driver's hours of service but also information about the driver, carrier, user, vehicle location, date of travel, engine hours, etc.

Choose the Best Device Among Different ELD Logs For Sale

In today’s market, you can find various companies that provide ELD sale. Logging devices are mandatory for almost all commercial drivers in the USA. When purchasing the device, pay attention not only to compliance with technical requirements but to some other factors too.
To choose the best equipment, prefer manufacturers that provide their services for several years on the market. These companies are constantly improving their products. If possible, find out how many customers are already using the equipment, because this directly speaks of quality.
If you have acquaintances or friends who work in the trucking industry, you can ask them which ELD they use. If not, you can always refer to user reviews. There you can read honest impressions of a particular device and learn about all the advantages and disadvantages.

ELD Devices Sale For Fleet’s Safety

ELD is an integral part of the security system for your fleet. Also, it helps to monitor and manage the work of drivers. This can significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. With the device, you can track all your trucks in real-time. ELDs are equipped with high-precision GPS trackers.

Thus, you can roughly calculate the delivery time of the cargo, provide assistance if necessary, and always know where your assets are, even if the driver is temporarily out of touch. You can also track the number of miles traveled and schedule regular maintenance checks to help protect your vehicle from wear and tear and unexpected road problems.

ELD Sale From Ezlogz

If you are still in doubt about which electronic logging device to buy, choose a reliable company — Ezlogz. The company has been on the market since 2015 and has already satisfied the requests of 50,000 truckers in America. EzSmart is a high-tech device developed by the company's specialists. It features superior GPS performance, blazing-fast Internet connection, and fast information recovery.

All data received from the device is stored in EzCloud — the infinite cloud storage. They can be accessed at any time. Ezlogz ELD meets all technical requirements set by the FMCSA. It is automatically updated and easy to install.

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