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Are you an automobile fleet owner, or do you work for a company with thousands of cars?

If you are looking for a way to improve your job, simplify your daily tasks, and accrue productivity, then the trucking fleet management system and truck management software are worth a look. In the following article, you can learn what it is and what valuable functions it includes.

Fleet Truck Management Software Features

You can often hear the concept of trucking fleet management services in cargo transportation. It is a potent tool for organizing the work of fleet managers with many benefits.

What is Truck Fleet Management?

Modern cars have begun to play a massive role in human life. Trucks have become indispensable in trade, as they carry millions of goods daily. Many fleet management companies today. They provide transportation at the request of grocery companies. Therefore, automobile fleets are significant for trade.

What are the truck fleet management systems? They are systems that help manage a massive number of vehicles. After all, the automobile fleet can consist of hundreds or 10,000 cars. To coordinate the work, deliver goods in time, and increase productivity, you have to know how to organize processes. Besides, the automobile truck fleet management companies often provide transport and other related services—for example, maintenance, driving license issuance, safety enhancements, various traffic reports, and more.

The fleet is profitable because many car owners are often given a discount on additional services — for the exact maintenance or fuel. Thus, it is possible to provide vehicles for use at a more favorable price.

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Software for Truck Fleet Management

If you are a truck fleet manager or owner or want to enter the industry, valuable tools come in handy. Today many programs greatly simplify the daily tasks associated with transport. If you are interested in the field of load transportation and want to find the best truck logs software, you have to know its primary functions.

  • Truck direct control. It covers accounting for the number of vehicles and their types, scheduled vehicle maintenance, licensing, registration, tax payments, cost management, and more.
  • Monitoring the truckers’ work. This item embraces behavior management, driving licenses, penalty points, and violations.
  • Accounting for traffic accidents. This fleet truck management system function includes all received fines and road extremal situations related to truck fleet managers or drivers. And — the distribution of payments between truckers.
  • Truck location tracking. With this function, you can plan a route, find the most optimal path, keep work logs, and monitor working hours.

In addition to the required functions, when choosing fleet truck management system software, you should pay attention to metric indicators. Among them are the following:

  • Truck, road carrier, location identifiers.
  • Mileage and fuel consumption information.
  • Indicators of driver’s behavior, namely, average speed and hard braking.
  • Trips and the average duration.
  • Maintenance costs (planned and unplanned), the number of diagnostics, and so on.

Digital solutions are an integral component of truck fleet management. Companies and organizations develop truck logs software. It may differ in function and cost depending on manufacturers. At the legislative level, the corresponding rules are also beginning to appear.

Truck Fleet Management System Influence

Truck fleet management plays a huge role in the transport sector. Truck data obtained with the help of special devices improve traffic safety and optimize work. How?

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Essential Data for Fleet Management Truck Tracking

When managing the fleet with the help of special truck fleet management programs, we can obtain various information. This data is beneficial not only for general statistics. It has great practical importance for avoiding unnecessary payments and undesirable consequences.

A common cause of truck delays on the road is sudden breakdowns. It entails a delay in the load delivery to the customer and, as a result, dissatisfaction on his part and a decrease in income. Also, problems with transport maintenance discovered during the DOT inspection can cause penalties and loss of money. With information from the latest technical checks, you can plan for future ones—for example, information on mechanical diagnostics. Thus, you will ensure your fleet against possible breakdowns on the way.

The next thing is the driver’s behavior among the vehicles belonging to the truck fleet management system — the truck dashcam. Such a camera does not always capture only the road ahead. There are two-sided video devices that also capture everything that happens in the cab of the truck. And the camera from EZLOGZ, equipped with computer vision and artificial intelligence, sends sound signals to the trucker in case of dangerous driving. If the driver does not react, the device sends a 10-second video to the management for verification.

Location information can improve the fleet and drivers’ safety. After all, employees sometimes do not get in touch. With a GPS tracker, you always know where your trucks are. In a road accident, you can react fast and assist. Also, if you discover a disaster in a nearby region, you can find out if your trucks are there.

A truck fleet management system helps to optimize work since this area is most often associated with the same tasks. The software provides a unique application. Therefore, all of the above information can be seen in one place — on your smartphone. Having critical information always available, you can not only simplify the work of yourself and your fleet managers but also elevate the overall performance of your transport.

Truck Management Software for Different Transportation Types

Now you know about the meaning of fleet management and related software. However, do not forget that there are various CMV types. These are not just ordinary trucks. There are particular trucks for transporting unique kinds of goods—for example, food and drinks. Therefore, if we talk about food truck fleet management, it should include several more indicators. After all, we must transport this group of products under certain conditions.

What functions should be taken into account during such fleet management? They must transport different foods at different temperatures. The food truck is equipped with a refrigerator, so it is crucial to monitor the temperature using the software. Special sensors installed in the truck can detect an unplanned decrease or increase in temperature and send alarms to the mobile application.

Tracking — Fleet Management Key Component

Truck tracking is considered a key component of fleet management. It is implemented using truck GPS, although you can use other technologies - truck maps, truck navigation, etc. Information from the device is transferred to the commercial truck fleet management app. There are different ways of transmission: terrestrial and satellite. The last method is quite expensive but more accurate. Also, it guarantees constant communication with vehicles, wherever they are. Therefore, when choosing software, give preference to providers that use satellites.

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truck fleet management software
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Why you can not do without leet management systems

What is the functional requirement of a fleet management system and how to create it?

Why you can not do without leet management systems
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EZLOGZ is the most easy-to-use ELD device and application. It is the best fleet management solution and ELD also for Owner-Operators. EZLOGZ offers you a whole series of influential and interconnected innovative solutions. First is EZLOGZ ELD. Second, EZLOADZ - our truck load board app that provides carriers the ability to search thousands of loads on demand and then book high-quality loads. Third, Smart Safety is a reliable way to ensure the safety of drivers from various threats. Fourth is the Dashcam - a device packed with the latest technology: capture the road and truck driver behavior in real-time, and get instant access to live video.


The EZLOGZ team takes care of your logistics security using ELD, dash cams for trucks, and load boards. We invent products that make it much easier to address your truck fleet's profitability, safety, and performance. Our solutions create a synergy between software that uses the advantages of artificial intelligence and the gadgets of the Internet of Things. All this makes it much easier to track the movement of trucks and equipment, manage related finances, vehicle maintenance, and more. EZLOGZ products were downloaded more than 150 thousand times, and more than 10 thousand people in various fields currently use our services: delivery, food and beverage, passenger transit, construction, state & local government, agriculture, field service, trucking, and logistics, et cetera. Visit ezlogz.com to learn more about our products and buy ELD.


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Let EZLOGZ streamline your business with our cutting edge products and service options

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