How to Choose a Dash Cam for Truckers

dash cam for truckers
dash cams for trucks
How to Choose a Dash Cam for Truckers


When we talk about improving traffic and fleet safety, you cannot do without the right dash cam. After all, it is a reliable technical assistant who is always an objective witness to any incidents. In this article, we will find out what a dash cam is, its main peculiarities and functions. Also, this material tells about what types of video recording devices exist, as well as what device is the best solution for your truck or fleet.


What is a Truck Driver Dash Cam

A truck dash cam is a special device for recording everything that happens in front of the trucker's eyes on the video. In other words, in fact, it is a special video recorder which is located on the dashboard. It looks ahead at the highway. Thus, a truck dash cam becomes an objective witness of each event where the vehicle takes part. If there is an extremal situation or any other controversial situation on the highway, the cam will help to restore all details and prove the trucker's innocence. Today a good dash cam is an integral part of any vehicle security system. Especially if we are talking about trucks. After all, cargo transportation is a huge responsibility. And an extremal situation involving such vehicles is much more dangerous than with an ordinary motor car.

History of a Dash Cam

When and why did the first dash cam appear? The first such devices appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century. Since then, the cam has been only improved until it became one of the most important tools for improving road safety. In fact, the dash cam is a multifunctional device that today not only records video, but also can process and compress files, transfer them to other devices, and also warn of possible danger.

Although at first a dash cam really only recorded video, and not in the best quality. However, even with these functions, the device helped to identify offenders and significantly protected automobile drivers from violations. With the course of technical progress, a dash cam has been constantly improved, acquiring more and yet more new functions. Now this device has evolved into a self-contained dash cam. It does not require human intervention to operate. A modern camera can independently receive, process, and store video information from integrated or external miniature video cameras.

Today a dash cam is used in a variety of applications. Such devices are installed not only on personal cars. They are actively used in police work, during passenger transportation, as well as in cargo transportation. After all, technological progress has brought humanity not only new technologies and improved life but also an increase in road accidents because of violations of traffic rules. This is the main reason of inventing the first dash cam.

Why We Need a Special Dash Cam for Trucks

The period a driver spends behind the wheel differs from that of a normal driver. Truckers get tired much more because they drive hundreds of miles every day, their work requires a lot of strength and skills. Therefore, they really need a reliable witness and assistant. A good dash cam can become such an assistant.

Trucks need a special camera. It should have a large viewing angle, store more data, and include functions to prevent dangerous traffic situations. Indeed, on a long journey, the trucker usually goes alone. So to be safe in case of emergency, he needs a reliable dash cam. It must record every inch of distance traveled. If any question arises, it can prove the driver is right.

Besides, one of the dangerous situations that can happen to truckers is the events associated with the so-called blind spot. Since we are talking about huge long vehicles, sometimes the driver simply does not have the physical ability to see the automobiles approaching or overtaking him. At some point, these cars can enter a so-called blind spot. If in such a situation a traffic accident occurs not because of the truck driver's fault, a dashboard camera for truck will show that he followed all traffic rules, did not overtake anyone himself, etc. Because usually, if there is no video recorder that can prove the truck driver's innocence, people can try to bring him to justice. Blindspot breakdown can be either accidental or planned to obtain financial compensation from the carrier.

Besides, a good dash cam for truckers should cover blind spots, display an image on a monitor. In such a way the truck driver can see what is happening around the vehicle while driving.

Features of Truck Dashboard Camera Systems

Now you are convinced that a dash cam that records every second of the journey is a necessary part of your truck or fleet safety system. Before purchasing such a device for your work, you need to carefully study the issue, understand the nuances of the models, understand what mandatory characteristics such a camera should have. There are many brands on the market today that design and sell these devices. To find what you need, you can also read truck dash cam reviews, where real drivers share their impressions of different devices of this type. They can be found both under products in online stores and on specialized forums.

Peculiarities of the Best Dash Cam for Truck Drivers

So what important features should a truck video recording device have to provide maximum safety on the road? The most essential feature is the possibility to record vids in very high quality and resolution. Apart from this, we want to list several other characteristics. They should be considered before a trucker or fleet owner is going to buy dash cam for truckers.

Storing footage. After all, if a possible dash cam does not contain enough space for all the data, it won't have sense. Some devices only store the last hour of recorded video, while in others you can choose the period of the footage to store. There are several options for where videos can be stored. For example, a memory card. But its disadvantage is the limited amount of memory. Another better option is to store your data in the cloud. You can upload an unlimited amount of material there, and you can also view the footage at any time because you can access the independent cloud from anywhere. The only requirement for the dashboard camera for truck is an internet connection function.

Installing a truck dash cam. Many cameras are easy to place on the control board. The most frequently used ways to do this are with the help of a suction cup or special glue. The first option is simpler as it will not leave any traces if you ever need to change or move your device. Also, using such a suction cup, attaching the device is quickly, safely, easily. Besides, an important point is setting up the device. It is best to choose a cam that is suitable for all types of vehicles. You can find models with an auto-tuning function.

Video resolution. Most of the modern dash cams record in high definition. It is very important because the possibility to clearly see the road details of an accident can play a decisive role while conflict or dispute. Therefore, when choosing a good dash cam for truckers, choose devices with a wide-angle lens which record Full HD videos. In the frames taken with such a cam, you are able to see license plates, road signs, and other important things if an accident occurs.

Dashboard camera: Truck Cam Types

Don't forget that there are various dash cam types. And although they have one main function, namely, improving road safety, we want to tell about differences between various device options. According to the additional goals you want to achieve with the video recorder, it is worth learning the specifics of various models.

Front dash cam. It is a well-known type of camera. Its main function is to enhance front visibility. Such a cam records everything happening in front of the trucker's eyes. Typically, these devices have the lens with wide viewing angles, which allow you to capture most of the road at once. Oftentimes, a trucker dash cam system like this provides the ability to detect a potential hazard to the vehicle. Thus, it sends a video about the extremal situation to the fleet manager, including geolocation data, etc.

Reversible dash cam. Such a version may interest the fleet owners since it is capable of recording both what is happening on the road and what is happening in the truck cabin. That is, with the help of its second function, the fleet owner can control the work of his drivers. As a result of using a reversible dash cam, it is possible to improve the driver's behavior and also detect and prevent various violations.

Multi-sided camera. This is exactly the video recorder that helps the driver to avoid accidents connected with the blind spot. Such a dash cam gives a 360-degree view. The trucker sees his vehicle from all sides. It allows reacting in advance to unforeseen circumstances, including an attempt to overtake prohibited. Thus, a multi-sided camera helps not only after an event has happened, but also helps to prevent it.

External dash cam. Its functions come down to a multi-sided cam. This device is installed outside the truck. It is designed to ensure a complete view of the truck. External video recorder helps to avoid blind spots as well as improve safety while driving. Such cams are especially required for large trucks.


EzSmart Dash Camera System

You are now aware of all the special peculiarities and functions to pay attention to when buying the best dash cam for truckers. Now it is time to meet the next generation EzSmart dash cam. In a nutshell, is a unique high technology device with all the necessary functions to provide maximum road safety during cargo transportation. Apart from the main features, it is equipped with many other useful functions. EzSmartCam is created to record road events and driver behavior in real-time. These video materials can always be instantly accessed and viewed anytime, anywhere, since the dash cam supports 3G/4G connectivity and the ability to work from Wi-Fi.

AI Dash Cam

Another incredible function of the device is computer vision and artificial intelligence. Thus, the camera can independently detect sudden acceleration, hard braking, and even tight turns. If necessary, the device will send data about the traffic accident to the fleet owner. AI dash cam can prevent unsafe driving. If it finds a non-compliance with the traffic rules, it will give a loud sound signal to the trucker. If the driver does not change his driving style and continues the violation, the cam will automatically create a 10-second clip of 10 seconds to the management for verification.

The dash cam itself records clear videos in 1080P Full HD. And thanks to its wide-angle 140-degree lens, it is possible to see not only license plates and road signs, but also all the smallest highway details on the screen.

All data from this dash cam is kept on a separate EzCloud cloud. This allows immediate access to both live video and previous recordings.

More than that, EzSmart dash cam is fully GDPR compliant, data privacy is monitored around the clock. The device is suitable for all types of vehicles, that is why you do not need to check any specifications before purchasing it. Also, the dash cam is easy and quick to install and configure. There are several connection options.

The EzSmart dash cam works in all weather conditions and provides real-time GPS tracking.

Summing Up: What Factors to Consider when Choosing a Dash Cam

So you know all the details on how to choose the best dash cam no matter whether you are a truck driver or fleet owner. You have to understand a main purpose of using your device besides using it as a reliable witness to every traffic accident. The dash cam type will depend on this. If you own a fleet, you better look at reversible cams to monitor drivers' behavior. If you need to achieve the maximum level of traffic safety, prefer the multi-sided dash cam as far it provides a view of the vehicle from all directions and helps to avoid blind spots.

If it is essential for you to have access to dash cam records at any time, choose a video recorder that stores data in the cloud. In order not to miss anything, pay attention to cameras with high clip resolution and quality. If you want to further increase safety while driving, purchase a dash cam with artificial intelligence that recognizes dangerous driving and automatically sends the data to management for review.

In order not to waste time on setup and installation, choose models that are suitable for all types of vehicles and are automatically configured.

Remember that the dash cam is an essential component to improve road safety. Do not delay buying it.

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