Travel Tips for truck drivers

Travel Tips for truck drivers

A professional driver knows the importance of road trip planning. A well-planned trip is profitable. It also raises a trucker's comfort level and eases the stress level of the day. Knowing where you're going to stop for meal breaks, fuel, and rest, is imperative. Once upon a time, before heavy regulations ruled the roads, smart truck drivers would plan trips around their abilities.

They'd drive until they were tired or hungry and find a safe place to stop. Now, a trucker must plan around the electronic logbook, hours of service regulations, the trucking company needs, and the customer's demands.

  1. Plan your trip every single day.

    Make trip planning an integral part of your trip preparation. Eat breakfast, get ready, and then do the trip planning. Whether you are hauling a load, you will be dropping off later that day or starting a three-day trip plan.

    You will need an Ezlogz App for more planning possibilities, where you can select a place where you can relax or eat.

  2. Use multiple resources for directions.

    Google Maps and Ezlogz maps: Use these applications using their satellite point-of-view to look at the locations you pick loads up and where you'll drop.

  3. Write down the directions.

    Try writing down each step of the route on a post-it note, stacking them on top of each other, and pulling them off as you complete each step. Some drivers even use dry erase markers to write directions in the corner of their windshield.

  4. Look for obstacles along the route that could set you back

    Take note of border crossings, road closures, construction, tolls, and small cities you may have to drive through.

    Plan where you are going to take breaks

    For 10 hour breaks, plan a primary and secondary location before leaving. For you, Ezlogz has created the Points of Interests function, where you can mark places for your rest. Before you go for the day, have an idea in mind of where you plan on stopping, but prepare to be flexible and adjust depending on your location.

  5. Check the forecast

    Use an app on your phone or tablet to see what the weather is like and where you are going.

  6. Think about where you are traveling to

    If you know that you will be driving through a big city, trip plan in a way so you can guide through it during an off-time to avoid rush hour.

If you are traveling to the East Coast, spend extra time thinking about parking, and have back-up plans in case lots are full.

Why should truck drivers plan trips?

Although trip planning takes more time initially, it will make you a safer and more efficient driver in the long run.

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